Multiversal Misadventures

Reality is fluid. Different reality timelines are created with every decision. Chicken and waffles for lunch? Somewhere in the Multiverse you became Vegan. Somewhere in the multiverse, a version of you is a billionaire.

It’s becoming more common in RPGs.

One of my favorite comics of all time is Crisis on Infinite Earths because I read a lot of the comics before and after the big change happened in the 1980’s and I’ve tried to follow most of the DC reality shifts since. There have been many. More recently Marvel has gotten into the act with all the Infinity Gauntlet business. Okay, so it’s been a few decades. Anyway…

I used to bemoan Star Trek for their reality/time screw plots. The only true reality mix-up of the Star Trek: Next Generation series that I truly enjoyed was All Good Things Parts 1 and 2 and that was the end of the series. Dr Who was a different story because monkeying with the timestream and reality is the Doctor’s main thing. Yet Star Trek is a far easier game to run for me.

But I see this coming up more and more in RPGs these days. Power Rangers RPG from Renegade Studios actively encourages players and GMs to change the canon storyline and mess with major villains. Power Rangers has alternate realities built into its canon. My first campaign takes place on Earth 129, where Rita and Zed won’t be making an appearance right away.

If you’re interested in this sort of thing in the real world, it’s not just science fiction.

My wife thinks I’m nuts, but at least I’m harmless.

I promise, my coffee isn’t spiked and the mushrooms on my pizza are very normal. In the spiritual community especially, we talk about higher timelines. Try to imagine an Earth where the dinosaurs never became extinct. Or maybe a certain US president was never assassinated. Or maybe an Earth where the alternate version of you insists on eating toast for breakfast every day.

If this sort of thing appeals, please look up The Mandela Effect. Some of us remember certain products having a different label. The Berenstain Bears had a different spelling. Nelson Mandela died in prison following a hunger strike. Basically, some of us get certain history facts “wrong” because we remember it differently. I experienced one of these shifts directly once and it was brief, but incredibly intense. Deja vu is another example of this effect.

Another similar theory is parallel to the movie The Matrix. If you look up David Icke, he explains it well. Basically our reality is a simulation from an extraterrestrial or extradimensional beings, or possibly humans from the future trying to prevent global catastrophe. It’s a bit deep for some. Whenever you hear someone talk about “a glitch in the Matrix,” alternate reality theory is what they are referring to.

Back to RPGs for now.

A good friend of mine once ran a Star Wars campaign where the PCs killed Darth Vader and stopped the Emperor in his tracks after the first Death Star was destroyed. Reality shifts can be fun in some RPGs because it makes the PC’s actions matter much more to the overall story, which is ultimately what we all want as role players.

The same GM and I were also building a Mutants & Masterminds game where a city was leveled by a nuclear blast. A terrorist supervillain went supernova and wiped out a sizeable number of mainline story characters, so the PCs were going to have really big shoes to fill. Picture something akin to Marvel’s New Mutants taking over for the Avengers. Like I said in the beginning, this kind of thing happens in comic multiverses all the time.

More later. Or at least in my current reality timeline. (Wink wink.) Have a good week.

Reality Whole or a Hole in Reality? (The Time-Space Question)

The last few days have really had me questioning reality as we understand it. Nothing political, mind you, as for many it has been focused that way. I didn’t vote for the guy, either way. (Yes, I voted…) Here, you want something to bend your noodle? What if all the confusion over this election is because we split reality timelines as it happened? One one Earth, they elected President SCPN. (You can use your imagination as to what that is short for.) On this Earth, we re-elected the same guy.

On New Year’s Day, everything goes wobbly in the time stream. People soon after stormed the capitol on this Earth. Strangely, I heard nothing about it until the next day, almost as if it never happened. Admittedly, I don’t watch mainstream media any more, so I might have missed a beat. BUT, I do poke on Google a couple times per day to look stuff up. When 9/11 happened, it was everywhere. When a war breaks out? It’s everywhere. Oil prices drop suddenly, somehow I hear about it the same day a lot of times even on my days off. We have a riot that nearly starts an armed rebellion in this country? Dead silent almost the whole day until my wife mentions it in passing.

But is everything the way we’ve always been led to understand it? I’ve had my share of Mandela Effect experiences. It’s comparable to taking a shower fully clothed and suddenly stepping out fully dry and ready to hop into the shower and nary a minute has passed. Or another analogy is it’s like lucid dreaming, while you’re awake and then it never ends. Folks, if you think me talking about this stuff is nuts, wait til you hear the extradimensional/extraterrestrial stuff. People have been locked up for less and I still have a lot to say.

There’s a channel on YouTube called Reality Check. I started watching it mostly because of the drama revolving around Corey Good and David Wilcock which we won’t get into here. My friend who I bumped into doing some research into Mr Goode’s veracity said, “Go check out Jay Weidner. He’s got a lot of good information on this stuff.”

Not only can Jay prove that a couple people in UFOlogy are talking out of their butts, but he also has a lot of fascinating information about ETs, alternate dimensions, NASA, some non-ET related stuff and the very nature of reality itself. I’m confident Jay’s done a lot of research. Here’s the link for his channel: Reality Check with Jay Weidner. I know I follow a lot of credible researchers on YouTube and I’m getting ready to talk about a few more of them when I dive deep into the ET topic, but family, I kid you not, it’s all part of the bigger picture.

I was watching one of Jay’s more recent videos called “The Destruction of Memory.” Of course, I’m thinking, “Yeah, he’s right.” In fact, they even mentioned our Iowa Capitol Building, and I’m right there. Like, I literally live 10 minutes away. And the architecture on some of these buildings is massive! In fact Iowa is riddled with buildings with this massive almost gothic quality architecture that would take years just to lay the foundation and put together by modern standards. That’s where things stopped adding up for all of us. Jay, his guest, and I’m guessing most of the audience.

How do you put up a huge stone building dead center of the midwestern USA on dirt roads, using mostly horse-drawn carriages, during the 1800’s with a project requiring hundreds if not thousands of man hours by today’s standards with no artificial lighting, modern equipment in a few short years??? You can look up the photos from the Des Moines Register and Google the Iowa Historical Record and find all these photos. I’m not making this stuff up. Our modern Army Corps of Engineers would be pressed to do something of that quality that fast and get it right.

But it gets better! No one can really remember how they did it. Kansas City World’s Fair, the same thing happened. Massive stone buildings drop in the middle of the USA in a couple of years, only to be torn down just as fast when the fair ended. And no one remembers anything. Freakier yet, if you look at all these photos that were taken pre-automobile, there isn’t a single hitching post or horse to be seen anywhere.

Go further South in the USA. Where did all the huge stone and steel buildings used for asylums and hospitals come from? There are Gothic style buildings that simply look anachronistic and impossible to come up with at the time they were supposedly built with the materiale that would have been readily available at the time. To put it bluntly, some of these buildings just don’t make any sense as to how they got there or why.

I’ve lived in Iowa all my life. I’ve been in some pretty old buildings in rural Iowa. Some of them have really withstood the test of time remarkably well. In fact, some of them are just plain architectural marvels. But how did they get there, and who built them? I’m not sayin, “It was them aliens,” but there’s a lot more going on with our history than we have been led to believe. I’ll come back to this in the future, assuming it exists as such.

My brain hurts now. Time for a break. lol…

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