Back to Basics Ufology

If a small, but determined group of humans can’t get their stuff together, how do we think the ETs probably see the whole of humanity?

Ever since the end of June, we’ve seen Ufology embroiled in varying stages of bickering and feuding. #UFOTwitter is notorious for this, but it goes on elsewhere, too. I’ve even made the mistake of trying to play peacemaker between a couple of guys that I would have certainly thought would know better. (No, not Lue and Dr Greer, although someone should…)

I know I’ve said it before. When we bicker amongst ourselves, “they” win (whoever they are.) Ufologists have choices to make. We can keep arguing and fighting over petty, dumb stuff OR we can pull our small collective heads out of our collective arses and start behaving like we want things to change together.

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What’s really out there in the night sky?

The skeptics are going to be there. The scientific community is going to be there. The spiritual community is going to be there. The US government is forever going to have its head firmly wedged somewhere regardless of who gets elected. There are always going to be real government ops within Ufology and other communities pushing a specific narrative. We just need to put all that crap aside and get back to being a group of like-minded, brilliant, communicative, innovative, investigators and start talking and pooling resources again. Seems easy enough.

  • Focus on the phenomena again.
    • Identifying ET craft from mundane sources (weather balloons, drones, flares, aircraft, etc.) All UFOs are not ET craft. Some might be.
    • Interviewing witnesses to sightings and compiling data.
    • Contacting civilian, law enforcement, and even military sources to corroborate data.
  • Start talking to Experiencers/Contactees.  
    • Certain recent events have damaged the reputation of Experiencer research.
    • Identify ourselves as genuinely interested in the story of the experience.
    • Listen and empathize with compassion.
    • Recommend other resources where applicable (Doctors, therapists, support groups, etc.) Encourage without pushing or judgment.
    • Do NOT publish unless specifically given permission to do so.
    • Above all, be human about it. Be a person with feelings listening to another person with feelings. This person has opened up to you about some potentially delicate and difficult experiences. Be gentle and kind.
  • Learn to accept opinions differing from one’s own.
    • Listen with an open mind and be willing to compromise when possible.
    • Solve the problem, not attack the person.
    • Leave politics and religion at the door. See the info not the speaker.
    • Try to keep one’s own ego in check. Remember it’s not about you, or the money, or even being, “right.” It’s about the phenomena, and possibly ET contact.
  • Work on making contact and continue seeking signs of intelligent life elsewhere.
    • Controversial as it may sound, we have to keep trying to find life out there. Otherwise, are we really interested in Ufology, or just debunking it?
    • Keep trying to make contact whenever possible whether it be with CE5 or a flashlight. There are a ton of methods and modalities out there. Keep trying.
    • If you see an unknown phenomenon in the sky or even in the water, attempt to make contact in any way you feel comfortable trying to make contact. So far as we know, there have never been serious negative consequences for trying to make peaceful contact with extraterrestrial beings.

Above all else, as I’ve said many, many times in the past- USE YOUR OWN DISCERNMENT! I think the majority of humans are pretty competent crap detectors. If something doesn’t resonate with you, leave it alone and move on. Either facts are going to come up that do resonate, or more evidence with prove the original non-resonating statement to be true. Many times, it’s somewhere in between.

No one group or researcher is ever going to have all the answers. We have got to start pooling our resources. We’ve got to work together peacefully. In the end, we’re asking the whole world to do the same. If a small, but determined group of humans can’t get their stuff together, how do we think the ETs probably see the whole of humanity?

Screw “Disclosure” for now. What good is it doing us to keep harping on it? The governments of the world are all pretty much in on the big secret. They know. They’re determined not to tell us. Many still think the public is in the old “War of the Worlds” 1920’s panic-and-riot stage of collective psychological development. (We’re not, but that’s another story.)

I have a lot more to say on the subject of ET contact and talking to experiencers elsewhere very soon. It’s a topic that has come up recently that I have some very strong feelings about, as do others. There’s way more on that than I can cover here. Suffice it to say, “compassion” is the word I use the most.

Keep an eye on the sky. Keep looking for answers. Above all else, be kind to one another.

P.S. If any ETs are reading this, please come get me?
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