The “Zord Alone Project” for Power Rangers RPG.

That’s where things went wrong, horribly wrong. The Triumvirate was quick to take advantage of the situation, mind controlling the pilot and and sending the Zord on a rampage in Bennett’s Cove.

Inspired by their first encounter with the Rangers, the US Army decides to build their own Zord, and create a Power Ranger to pilot it.

Only neither is actually connected to the Morphing Grid. That’s where things went wrong, horribly wrong. The Triumvirate was quick to take advantage of the situation, mind controlling the pilot and and sending the Zord on a rampage in Bennett’s Cove.

Resilient THREAT LEVEL: 14
SIZE: Extended II/Extended II/Gigantic | HEALTH: 25
TOUGHNESS: 28 (4 Armor) | EVASION: 25
GROUND MOVEMENT: 50 ft. | FLY: 80 ft. | RUN: 40 ft.
Might +d12
Brawn +d12
Initiative: +d8
Targeting (*Main Gun): +d12
Finesse (Power Sword) +d10
Alertness: +d4
Intimidation +d4
Languages: Putty, English

Triple Changer: Tank/Jet/Soldier


Main Gun: (Targeting, 5x/scene): +d12*, Range 40/200 ft. (Evasion, 3 Explosive, Area, 15′ radius, Fire Damage)

Missiles: (Targeting, 2x/scene) +d12, Range 50/120 ft., Area of Effect 20’ x 20’. Effect: 3 Energy Damage.

Secondary Energy Cannons: +d12, Range 30/100ft; (Evasion, 2 Energy) 2 attacks per round OR 1 attack + Main Gun/Missiles.

Power Sword: +1d10, Reach, Toughness, 3 Energy Damage.

Tank Mode/Jet Mode/Soldier Mode.
Self Activated. Limited autopilot capabilities. (+d8* Piloting, Zord) Capable of defending itself and following orders if pilot is not present/unconscious.
Not attached to the Morphing Grid.

Must shut down for cooling after 60 minutes of use or it will explode!
Hangar Queen. Requires a lot of maintenance.
Not Really a Zord. Not linked to the Morphin Grid. Not actually sentient.
Nuclear Core. Can only be shut down from small engineering compartment behind the pilot seat. If not cooled and maintained, it will explode in a nuclear blast. 5 mile primary blast, 10 Mile secondary blast. 50 additional miles fallout damage.

For those unfamiliar, this Threat has inspiration from two sources.

The first is Blitzwing, the triple changer Decepticon from Transformers. He fits with the military theme and I’ve always liked the character. He’s a bad guy and just a little schizophrenic.

The other inspiration and the name was derived from one of my favorite episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion. This probably won’t be the last Evangelion reference I will do. I’ve always liked the angels from that series.

This Threat was inspired by the Jet Alone Project, which as a rival’s attempt to compete with Nerv by building their own EVA. Of course the whole thing backfired and Misato ended up inside the robot shutting it down before it went supernova.

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate you! Happy gaming.

Side Stare, a New Threat for Power Rangers RPG.

General Gnarl called upon Side Stare when his latest scheme failed.

A large skeletoid monster with its head permanently leaning to the right.

(Artwork to come. Sorry. My ambitions exceed my art talent.)

Side Stare: Gnarl’s Enforcer
SIZE: Normal | HEALTH: 8
General Gnarl called upon Side Stare when his latest scheme failed.
Might- (*Staff) +d8
Initiative: +d6 (+d10)
Targeting (*Eyebeams: +d8)
Deception (*Distraction) +d10
Languages: Putty, English

Fast. Initiative +d10
Medium Armor Shell.
Eyebeams Wicked Accuracy. No Snags outside weapon range. +2CS within 10′
Eyebeams: (Targeting) +d8* or +d12* within 10′; 2 attacks per round. (Evasion, Range: 40/75, 1 Energy + 1 Stun.)

Staff of Nekros: Side Stare possesses an ancient staff of unspeakable magic power. It can perform one of three different attacks per round.
1. Melee. (Might +d8*) Reach. 2 Handed. w Energy 2.
2. Energy Wave. (Targeting +d8) 2x/Scene Range 40′ Multiple Targets Evasion Energy 3, Stun 2, Successful hit knocks prone.
3. Summon Skeletoids. 3x/Scene. See below.

Staff of Nekros: In addition to the melee and ranged attacks, the staff exhibits the ability to manipulate energy. 3x/Scene, it allows Side Stare to summon 3d6 Skeletoids. *Same statistics as regular Putty Patrollers with armored skeletal appearance. The staff may possess other powers that have not been explored.

Side Stare is always accompanied by 1d6 Putty Patrollers at all times.

Side Stare is very conscious of his appearance. Due to a battle injury, his head permanently rests on his right shoulder. No magician or chiropractor has been able to fix it.

Stay tuned for the Gigantified version coming soon!

Power Rangers RPG Threat: Balgor

General Krohn called upon Lt Balgor when Gnarl and Slayn’s minions failed. He is a Dragonoid from the Netherworld. He has a nearly endless supply of magic water to keep him going when the fear of the puny humans isn’t enough to keep him going.

General Krohn’s fierce lieutenant will be back to torment the Rangers time and again!

(Artwork to come.)

Lt. Balgor, Krohn’s most trusted lieutenant.
Resilient THREAT LEVEL: 16
TOUGHNESS: 20 (Heavy Armor) | EVASION: 16
GROUND MOVEMENT: 30 ft. | FLY: 40 ft.
General Krohn called upon Lt Balgor when Gnarl and Slayn’s minions failed. He is a Dragonoid from the Netherworld. He has a nearly endless supply of magic water to keep him going when the fear of the puny humans isn’t enough to keep him going.
Might- (*Axe and Chain Flail) +d10
Brawn +d6
Initiative: +d6
Targeting (*Fireballs/Flame Breath): +d6
Alertness: +d6
Hunting: +d6
Intimidation +d8
Languages: Putty, English

Winged Flight, 40′.
Resistance: Fire
Sanzu River Water supply.
Massive Obsidian Axe: (Might) +d10* 2 attacks/turn in addition to ONE of the other attacks listed below. (Toughness, 10′ Reach, 3 Armor Piercing Intimidating, Sharp,

Fire Chains: (Might) +d10* 1 attack/round in addition to ONE of the other attacks listed. (Evasion, 10′ Reach, Maneuver-Entangle or trip. 2 Fire.)

Breathe Fire: (Targeting, 3x/scene): +d6*, Range 30 ft. (Evasion, 2 Fire Damage in a 5′ x 30′ x 15′ Area cone of fire. All targets in the cone must roll Evasion.)

Throw Fireball: (Targeting, 3x/scene): +d6*, Range 40/100 ft. (Evasion, 2 Explosive, Area, 15′ radius, Fire Damage)

Summon 3d6 Dragon Putties (Stats as Z Putty Patrollers.)
Always has 4 Dragon Putty Bodyguards at all times.

Must feed on Human Fear OR Drink water from the Sanzu River.
Failure to maintain his fear level at least once per day results in a loss of 1 Health per day until defeated.
If Balgor is defeated, he will return to the Netherworld to recover at the rate of 1 Health per day.

Power Rangers Threat: Mother Ship.

Mother Ship is very upset about what happened to Saucerhead. She’s here to get revenge on the Rangers before scooping up little Saucerhead and taking him home. Her main objective is to level Bennet’s Cove and find the Ninja Steel Encased Zeo Crystal. Her secondary mission is to retrieve her Lil Saucer Head, who was hurt by those mean old Rangers!

When Saucer Head fell at the hands of the Lightning Force Rangers, the Triumvirate launched an even larger saucer, Mother Ship.

She seriously means business after her sonny boy, Saucerhead fell at the hands of those mean Power Rangers. It’s time to attack!

(Art to come.)

Mother Ship (Giant)
GROUND MOVEMENT: 0 FLY: 40/100 ft.
Mother Ship is very upset about what happened to Saucerhead. She’s here to get revenge on the Rangers before scooping up little Saucerhead and taking him home. Her main objective is to level Bennet’s Cove and find the Ninja Steel Encased Zeo Crystal. Her secondary mission is to retrieve her Lil Saucer Head, who was hurt by those mean old Rangers!
Brawn d8
Might d8
Targeting: d8*
Flying: d8
Initiative d4
Alertness d6
Diplomacy d6
Languages: Putty, English
Ground Penetrating Probe Ray: +2 CS Bonus when using Perception to detect Saucerhead or the Ninja Steel Encased Zeo Crystal. Also gives Mother Ship an Advantage on detection vs Stealth attempts.

Constantly Airborne: Mother Ship is constantly hovering a minimum of 40′ off the ground.

360 Degree Movement. Mother Ship can perform aerial maneuvers that would turn a normal pilot into pudding.

Self Repairing Sentient Saucer: Mother Ship is capable of regenerating Health at 1 per 10 days when grounded. No need for maintenance hangars or repair crews.

3x Primary Beam Cannon Projectors: +d8 Skill. 100’/240′ Evasion Range. 9 Energy Damage. Mother Ship may attack up to 3 separate targets per round or make up to 3 attacks on 1 target.

Secondary Defensive Array: Since Mother Ship is incapable of fighting in Melee, she has a secondary beam array that encompases 360 degrees all around her. Skill d8. 40’/120′ Evasion Range. 5 Energy damage. This attack may be used along with the Primary Beam Cannon Projectors.

Megabeam: 3x per Scene: Instead of 3 separate attacks and a secondary array attack, Mother Ship may opt to combine all of her attacks into one massive swath of destruction. +d8 Skill, 100’/240′ x 40′ square. Evasion. 15 Energy Damage.

Tractor Beam: Mother Ship may use her Brawn to drag or lift objects. 40’/120′ 20′ Square. This power can also be used to dig at the speed of 40’/round.

Repulsor Beam: Mother Ship may use her Might to attack or push objects once per turn. 40’/120′ 20′ Square. Damage 4 Physical

Warp Out: If defeated, Mother Ship can engage her Emergency Jump Drive and flee at the blink of an eye.

Shielding: Mother Ship is considered to have 2 Armor vs incoming attacks. Her Shielding breaks if she suffers more than 9 Health in damage.

Mother Ship is catastrophically irrationally attached to Saucerhead and will abandon everything to recover him/take him to safety.

Her secondary mission is to find the Zeo Crystal and report its location back to the Triumvirate, even if she has to raze Bennet’s Cove in order to do so.

She may be convinced to embrace compassion for the parents in the city below.

Power Rangers RPG Threat: Voltrix.

Voltrix is Slayn’s last attempt to destroy the Rangers before having to answer to the rest of the Triumvirate for his failures.

Power Rangers Lighting Force faces a new, scary electrifying new lieutenant. First Appearance.

Voltrix 1.0. She’ll be back if destroyed. Bwah ha ha!
Art by Jeff Craigmile.

Voltrix 1.0 (Normal)
GROUND MOVEMENT: 30 ft. | FLY: 60 ft.
Voltrix is one of Slayn’s top lieutenants. She has been sent to defeat the Rangers at all costs. A clever and cunning opponent, she will refuse to stay down no matter how many times she is defeated.
Might- Martial Arts (Electro Trident) +d6
Initiative: +d6
Targeting* Lightning Blasts: +d8
Alertness: +d8
Physics (Electricity) +d6
Persuasion: +d6
Languages: Putty, English
Storm Flight: Voltrix constantly floats approximately one foot above the ground at all times. She will float even if knocked down. Her wings give her exceptional flight (60′)
Resistance: Sharp.
Lightning Bolt: Targeting +d10* Twice per round Voltrix can throw a Lightning Bolt 30’/200′ (Evasion, 3 Electrical.) If it hits successfully, all targets within 15′ of the primary target may also be hit for 1 Electrical based off the same hit roll as the original.

Lightning Blast: Targeting +d10* Instead of 2 lightning bolts or Trident attacks, Voltrix can channel her electrical charge into a cone of lightning 60′ long by 30′ wide at the base. (Evasion. 2 Electrical.)

Electro Trident: Might (Martial Arts) +d8 May attack twice per round OR 1 Trident strike + 1 Lightning Bolt. Trident does (Reach, 2 Electrical.)

Summon 3d6 Storm Putties (Stats as Z Putty Patrollers.)

Storm Rage: Once per scene Voltrix can unleash a devastating electrical tornado Large Base Evasion Electrical 3 under Voltrix’s direct control for 3 rounds. Movement 40’/round.

Drain Electrical Sources: Voltrix may heal 1 Health per turn from a high powered electrical source such as high tension power lines, breaker boxes, voltage transformers, etc.

Dissipate: At 1 Health Voltrix will dissipate into a cloud of electricity and become intangible. She can reform after 9 days at full health.

If Voltrix can be knocked to the ground, she loses 1 Health per turn until she is back in the air.

Likewise if she can be caged by metal or gets too close to a large conductive surface (Copper, Gold, etc) she will be stunned while in contact.

Saucerhead. A new Power Rangers RPG Threat.

Not your average foam rubber suit monster.

Not your average foam rubber suit monster.

“I was okay when it was just a flyin saucer.” –Brock, Black Lightning Force Ranger.

Could almost be a foam rubber suit, I guess.
(Art by Jeff Craigmile.)

AERIAL MOVEMENT: 90 ft. (Transformed)
Saucerhead is a living construct created by General Gnarl and General Slayn to try to prove their worth in the Triumvirate. He is mostly robotic. The lower portion looks like a 1950’s mechanical sci-fi robot packing a Raygun and at Tesla-coil style probe hand. It speaks in a mechanical robot voice. It is fascinated with Earth cows for some inexplicable reason.
Initiative +d4
Intimidation +d4
Melee +d6
Perception +d4*
Targeting +d8*
Transform: Saucerhead’s entire body retracts into the saucer portion of his head. He can move up to 90 ft per turn, perform maneuvers that would squish a regular pilot, and stop on a dime. It receives Edge on all Ranged attacks while transformed. Transformation takes 1 turn.
Probe arm (Melee): +d6, Reach
(Toughness, 1 Stun Damage)

2 Raygun Blasts (Targeting): +d8, Range 45 feet
(Evasion, 3 Energy Damage each) Can be set on Stun.


1 Raygun Beam Blast. (Targeting): +d8, Range 30 feet straight line, targets all in the line. (Evasion, 2 Electric Damage all within the line.) Can be set on Stun.

Summon Landing Putties. Summon 2d6 Modified Small Putty Patrollers per Encounter. Putties are Small size, armed with Rayguns and look like stereotypical Gray Aliens. Raygun: Targeting +d4, Range 20′ 1 Electrical.

Deflective Armor: Saucerhead’s chrome metal shell provides him with deflective armor.

Easily Distracted: Serious Irrational attraction to Earth cattle. It will literally stop what it is doing to admire a cow.

Thanks for stopping by. The gigantified version and possibly some artwork by yours truly will be published later. (It gets freakier.) I appreciate you! Have a fabulous weekend!

Power Rangers RPG Threat: Fishface.

Things are getting fishy with this villain for Power Rangers RPG.

Inspired by the Murlocs of WoW fame.

“Who would have thought when we woke up this morning we’d be fighting a walking, talking 300 pound mackerel with a herring for a sword?” –Rose, Pink Lightning Force Ranger.

I drew this. Please be kind.

Fishface (normal)
GROUND MOVEMENT: 40 ft. | SWIM: 60 ft.
Fishface has been sent to Earth by General Gnarl of the Triumvirate to probe the oceans in search of the Ninja Steel encased Zeo crystal and/or the Rangers’ Base of Operations.
Alertness +d4
Targeting +d4
Might (Melee weapons) +d6*
Perception +d4
Languages: Putty, English, Fishenese.
Amphibious: Fishface can breathe air and water.
Underwater Acuity: Gains an Edge on Perception and Alertness when underwater.
Immunity: Poison
Herring Blade (Sword): +d6, Reach (Toughness, 1 Sharp Damage)
Pufferfish Grenades (Bomb) +d4 Range: 20′-50′ (Evasion, Sharp 1, 10′ Radius.)
Glop Gun: +d4 Targeting. Range 20′-50′ (Evasion, Stun 1, Paralyzing.)
Summon 2d8 Fish Putties: Fishface can call upon amphibious Putty Patrollers that appear similar to him, complete with their own Fish “Swords.”

Coming Gigantified to an ocean fighting venue near you. Have fun.

Power Rangers RPG General Mayhem and the K Putties.

Stats for the General and K Putties as promised.

No, that’s not the name of my garage band.

The General was modeled after American General Douglas MacArthur.

General Mayhem (normal)







Might +d8
Intimidation +d6
Perception +d2
Targeting +d6

Languages: Putty


Summon 2d6 additional Krohn Putties per encounter


Fists (Might): +d8, (Toughness, 1 Damage)
Pistol: (Targeting) +d6 (40ft/75ft Energy 1 or Stun 1)


Shapeshifting: The general can make himself appear human at will, requiring 1 Action to shift between forms. He may be able to shift into appearances other than General Brooks.



Krohn’s Putties aka K-Putties.


They are stronger as well as better armed and armored than average Putties, but a bit slower.
Armor: +2 Toughness, Deflective.

Might (Martial Arts) +d6*
Athletics +d4
Targeting +d4*
Alertness +d4
Languages: Putty, understands English
Coordinated fire. If 3 or more K Putties fire on the same target, +1CS on their Targeting Roll. A hit still does damage for 1 weapon.
Buzzsaw Sword (Martial Arts): +d6*
(Toughness, 1 Sharp Damage)
K Putties are brutal in melee combat.

Bolter Pistol (Targeting) +d4 Range 30ft/50ft. Ballistic, Damage: Blunt 1/Stun 1

K-Putties are slower and chunkier than normal putties. As a result they may only ever shoot or attack once in melee. They do still explode like regular putties when defeated.

You may have guessed by now what these guys are based off-of.

Here’s to hoping GW doesn’t freak out on me. Thanks for being here. Have a great weekend!

Power Rangers RPG vs the Military? Part 2.

Oh, and they’re Krohn’s Putties disguised as soldiers. (Did you really think I’d make the Rangers duke it out with real soldiers? Pffft!)

What happens when they say “No.”

In the previous article, I went over what might happen when the group agrees to join the US Army and the absolute nightmares that would follow. The Morphing Grid and Zordon will not likely agree to this plan. So then what happens?

Let’s give the American Military DIA of Earth 129 some credit. They’ve done their homework. The know where the Ranger’s base is. They’ve managed to hack into the base communications and Alpha 4. If the group rejects the offer to join, the military will strike!

Monsters are one thing, but live soldiers?

Okay, there are some plot elements I haven’t mentioned yet. First, because the Triumvirate, the Season 1 bad guys are a military type organization, General Krohn has infiltrated the Army and kidnapped General Bronson and replaced him with a clone, the monster General Mayhem.

The soldiers going in to arrest the Rangers aren’t armed with regular firearms. They have stun staves and blaster pistols. Oh, and they’re Krohn’s Putties disguised as soldiers. (Did you really think I’d make the Rangers duke it out with real soldiers? Pffft!)

Just before the military strikes, the group is going to be distracted by a kaiju attack. Gnarl has sent down Gigalon to threaten Bennet’s Cove. Once the Rangers are engaged with the giant monster using their Megazord, the “military” will shut down the base and the teleporters completely, override and shut down Alphour, and force the base closed.

The plot thickens.

Zordon of Earth 129 was sent to protect the Ninja Steel encased Zeo Crystal. Rather than let the location of the Crystal fall into enemy hands, Zordon will seal the secret chamber to the Morphing Grid interface and retreat within the Grid itself.

Alphour will behave a little differently once she is hacked. The group knows she is fascinated with humans and wants to become more like them. However, hacked Alphour will revert back to her cold, robotic personality. She’s fighting the hacker’s control. She will subtly hint that things are not right in the base, followed by notifying the group that the teleportation system is down. (Locked out to prevent the military from gaining control.)

After that, it’s a typical Rangers RPG adventure.

The Rangers will travel back to the Zord’s hangar in their Zords after dispatching the kaiju. Once everyone is in, General Mayhem will appear and the trap will be sprung! The group will slug it out with the K Putties.

Alphour finally shakes off the hacker’s control, becoming a fully sentient AI. She unlocks the teleportation system and transports the whole works outside. She also back hacks the military and finds the secluded warehouse where the real General Bronson is being held.

Once the K Putties and General Mayhem is defeated (for now,) Alphour teleports the group to rescue the real general. Of course, in true Rangers fashion, once General Bronson is rescued, the monster goes Mega mode and will be ready for that giant monster fight.


General Bronson is grateful and somewhat indebted to the Rangers for rescuing him. Things could have gone much, much worse. The Rangers (Morphed) are awarded with a medal for bravery. The military agrees to only call upon them to help with giant monsters and other such villainy.

Krohn leaves a few spies in the military unrevealed for future schemes. Even though Alphour has beefed up the firewalls and base defenses both physical and computer. While defeated, the Triumvirate is one step closer to finding the Crystal.

The ROTC comedy relief characters are back to their zany antics and life goes on in Bennet’s Cove.

I’ll put up the stats for General Mayhem and the K Putties in the near future. Of course, we all know no plot survives a run-in with the actual players. Who knows what will actually go down. I can only plan for my NPCs and the bad guys.

I know Krohn is going to continue to manipulate the Army into other plots involving the Rangers. Truth be told, I can’t resist creating an attack helicopter Zord and equipping a land Zord with 120mm cannons. Also, I’m pretty excited for GI Joe RPG… I mean, there’s a Street Fighter/Rangers crossover.

Thank you for being here! I appreciate you. I hope this was useful for you. Please feel free to steal this plot and rock it in your own games. Game on!

Power Rangers in the Military?

I’ve always thought it would be interesting if the US Army took an interest in the Morphing Grid. How would Gosei or Zordon handle it?

This is a subplot I want to introduce into my Lightning Force campaign.

I don’t remember this concept really being explored in depth in any of the Americanized Rangers series. Beast Morphers had Grid Battle Force. RPM had remnants of a military fighting Venjix. Does SPD count? Kinda? Maybe?

I’ve always thought it would be interesting if the US Army took an interest in the Morphing Grid. How would Gosei or Zordon handle it? (Don’t get me started on Alpha 5. There’s a reason my series has Alpha 4.) I see a couple of things potentially happening.

So much potential or a mighty potential for conflict.

Supposing Zordon or whichever Ranger leader said yes to the General’s offer to have the Rangers team up with the military. At which time the Rangers go through Boot Camp and Special Forces Training. Their weapons and Zords get militarized into fighting machines. Everything gets a new paint job. (Red, Pink and Yellow are now gone as Ranger colors…)

Think about how cool military Zords would be. Tank, APC, Attack Helicopter, Jet, and Patrol Boat Zords. Maybe even a Battleship Zord? (Carrier Zord like Pyramidas?) The potential firepower would be insane. We’re pretty much talking Transformers at this point. Not to mention what the military would do with a working teleportation system. <Shudder.>

It gets crazier yet. Now the military has access to a team of nigh-unstoppable commandos to carry out secret ops anywhere in the world. Their new weapons and gear are enhanced by their Ranger armor and abilities. Soon, every major military in the world is trying to tap into the Morphing Grid.

Photo by Somchai Kongkamsri on

This is where it gets really dark.

It gets grim fast.

So we now have these teenagers that have been trained to kill on command. I mean, blowing up Putties is one thing, sure. But live human beings that have no affiliation to Rita or any other baddies? That’s grim.

Not only that, but killing other humans pretty much violates everything the Grid stands for. Not to mention the notion that a lot of Japanese entertainment has been pretty much against gun violence since WW2. That’s why Rangers usually go in for melee tactics and martial arts every chance they get in the TV series. Yes, Zords and even the Rangers themselves tend to be armed to the gills with ranged firepower. Do they use it very often? Nope.

Right there is where Zordon, Gosei or whomever, possibly the Grid itself would say, “No” to any offer to have the Rangers join the military. Sure, the Rangers will go fight kaiju and other monster threats. The Power Rangers are heroes at their core, not soldiers. Alas, that would leave the military with the other, less subtle option which I will discuss in another article.

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