Here Comes Peter Cottontail…

We’re going to go from Nazi UFOs to reptilians, all the way down to Antarctica and dinosaurs in the Bible!!!

I’ve been down the rabbit hole so long, I know what it’s like looking back up.

You’re only “paranoid” until you’re proven correct!

I’ve always believed in a great number of conspiracy theories. It’s really amazing how much truth is buried in the fiction we consume. I’ve hit a point where someone can start talking about some off-the-wall happenstance and I can pretty much finish their sentence for them. I’ve gotten to a point where very few things actually surprise me any more.

Did Hitler survive WW2? Doubtful, but the head in a jar story? How about this- Hitler was a figurehead. He was possibly one of the greatest figureheads and subsequently scapegoats the old men ever created. Yeah, I’m sure they probably did keep that formula and put it in a proverbial jar for safekeeping. It will probably happen again someday.

What about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. This is one of my favorite history lessons. It didn’t make a heap of sense until a few years ago. Then with a little help it all came together. It’s not about the guy on the Grassy Knoll or who shot whom after the fact. The “why” is what matters.

Why? He knew too much. Presidents since have known as much or more. But, he started talking. He might have mentioned recovered Nazi saucer technology and the deal certain ETs cut with President Eisenhower to Marilyn Monroe. That caused her unfortunate demise. It might have been mentioned around Robert Kennedy. There was a strong possibility of him doing something or spilling the beans if he were to be elected and then he was removed.

David Icke is very likely to be found correct in part if not entirely about the Reptilians, the humans they control and other things.

Wait for it…

It’s probably arrogant to assume he knows everything about everything. None of us is ever that correct. Will we find out there is a highly advanced ancient civilization monitoring and controlling the Earth socially and politically from below and above. Their human pawns, sometimes referred to as the Illuminati, are the richest one percent of the human population. I think we’re on the verge of finding out about those beings and others very soon.

As far as I can tell, the Illuminati have this sort of laughable pyramid scam going. The Reptilians are at the top. Their hybrids, mostly shapeshifters, are scattered at all tiers and below, living and breeding with humans at will. It’s getting to a point where the hybrids are living among humans, possibly unaware of their own origins. Then, after the top humans, who probably directly know the Reptilians, are the cabal of highly indoctrinated cultists. (I’ve covered what the cult does elsewhere. Honestly, it makes me ill and I won’t discuss it again.)

I don’t think the Reptilians have the whole planet locked down altogether. Or do they? Why do we have a large UFO coverup? Because once in a blue moon things slip out. By the way, why haven’t we really been back to the moon? Is it entirely possible ‘they’ don’t want us to know that we’re being monitored? That once humans escape the veil and start getting out among the stars that it’s possible their power will end?

How stupid do they think we are?

Laughter aside, they must think we’re pretty ignorant of what’s going on. UFOs have buzzed Washington DC, Phoenix, AZ, New Mexico, and other points worldwide for decades now. How do we not know there are plenty of things in the sky that we only can’t readily identify, but it’s very likely they didn’t come from Earth.

Isn’t it obvious to just about everyone that our growth has been accelerated on some fronts and completely stunted on other, related ones? Communications technology is a perfect example. We went from telegraph all the way to the Internet in what? 60 years? Prior to that it was ink and quill, banging rocks together, talking, or the printing press.

We gained electricity and various ways to generate it, but now we seem to be stuck. Strangely enough, we seem to be stuck on the ones that are billable also leading to planned obsolescence, pollution, and disposability. Human business is being in business apparently. Regardless of what we do, some cultures can afford technology, but there is a widening gulf of disparity.

What about the plandemic?

It may all go to pieces tomorrow.

Oh, I went there. Isn’t it interesting one of the world’s most outspoken holistic medicine advocates died not long before people started really getting sick? Mystery booms were being heard all over the globe just in time for everyone to be hauled indoors under a lockdown. Economic and social upheaval benefitted some very wealthy and influential elites and laid low small businesses and grassroots businesses worldwide. People were more-or-less forced indoors to watch the nightly news which is highly controlled. Even now the narration of the script that divides the vaccinated from the unvaccinated is still being heard everywhere.

Isn’t it interesting, direct interests aside, how the whole global lockdown is pretty much done and over, almost if it were a dry run for a real global event? What if we were just being tested for something much more frightening being plotted on a global level? No answers needed right now, but I suspect we’ll be seeing something freakier than a disease coming out of the woodwork in the next decade or so and they want us to be ready for it.

What about Antarctica?

The great unexplored frozen wonderland of Antarctica is one of my absolutely favorite topics. There are stories all over the place regarding this thing. More global notables have visited Antarctica than Epstein’s island. It’s no secret that there are untold secrets down there. Ironically, the United Nations made this neat treaty that doesn’t allow satellite images, flyovers or drone footage of one of the most unexplored areas on Earth.

Yet, multiple information leaks have indicated that there’s a lot down there that we barely know anything about. Pyramids, large underground complexes, and buried craft, along with whatever the Nazis built is still lurking down there.

Nazis? Yeah. It’s a historical fact that Hitler had a large bunker built in the ice of Antarctica. Freaky as it sounds, it may actually be a base for flying saucers. That can be found on Google maps if you look hard enough.

Then there was Operation High Jump. Admiral Byrd and a large American naval contingent went down to Antarctica to allegedly track down the Nazis. What they ran into, by many accounts, was an overwhelming force of flying craft that both outmaneuvered and outgunned the carrier craft. Of course, all of the data is classified and sealed. The carrier fleet came back with its tail tucked between their legs and incalculable damage, but we can’t talk about it. Allegedly Byrd spoke with the beings in control of the saucers, later leading to President Eisenhower’s meeting with extraterrestrials.

Admiral Byrd retired not long afterward. He was very much a man of his word and never broke his NDAs and his diary still remains sealed. More fascinating yet is the fact that Byrd had encounters at both poles and possibly in the center of the Earth. He had a fantastically remarkable life. I would love to see his notes on High Jump.

Oh, and what large island is closest to Antarctica? Which one happens to be suffering a sociopolitical catastrophe at present? I hope everyone down there is okay right now, but gee, isn’t it interesting? Australia is having a rough time, almost as a distraction.

Something is on the horizon.

I feel it intuitively. Now, I know all the nuts-and-bolts Ufologists are screaming, “Prove it!” I can’t prove it. I just feel it. It’s just there. I know we say it in spirituality and ufology all the time. To put it simply, I feel it in my bones.

I haven’t spoken about the Annunaki, the Men in Black, CERN, or 9/11 and other human mischief. There is so much going on with this planet right now, it’s hard to keep track of it all, which might be why we’re on the verge of an ET intervention. Here’s the thing- it ALL ties together.

If you’re with me this far, I appreciate you. I know how it might sound to someone on the outside. There is no such thing as crazy as long as no one is getting hurt. I have another article that will cover that.

I’m going to drop one last nugget. What if our reality is not what we think it is? What if our history has been rewritten countless times? What if human civilization has been rewritten for us six or seven times? (I’m only guessing at the number.)

Think about it. We have historical accounts that the moon hasn’t always been in our sky. The Aztecs, the Mayans, and the Incas all had various doomsday prophecies. What happened to Atlantis? Why are behemoths mentioned in the Bible and depicted as dinosaurs? (Look it up, I’m not kidding.) My parents used to have that painting and it always got dismissed when I asked anyone. It’s like Christians want to pretend it’s not there, but yet it is… Footprints, mechanical bits, sparkplugs and thousand year old modern-looking artifacts are found and nobody knows where they came from!

So what if the beings that created this reality are once again poised to hit the reset button? What if this epoch is set to end soon and the grand reset is coming again? Have we already been reset? The Earth is said to have a pole shift every several thousand years and according to geological data, we’re due. There’s so much going on in the world, and it can usher in a golden age of humanity or something much more frightful. (Añjali or Georgia Guide Stones? Terminator? Who knows…)

Hang in there. We live in a benevolent Universe. Personally, I’m looking toward a brighter future. It’s within reach. Honestly, I don’t know what’s on the horizon, but I have every bit of faith we’re going to make it through. Til next time. Thank you!

Reality Whole or a Hole in Reality? (The Time-Space Question)

The last few days have really had me questioning reality as we understand it. Nothing political, mind you, as for many it has been focused that way. I didn’t vote for the guy, either way. (Yes, I voted…) Here, you want something to bend your noodle? What if all the confusion over this election is because we split reality timelines as it happened? One one Earth, they elected President SCPN. (You can use your imagination as to what that is short for.) On this Earth, we re-elected the same guy.

On New Year’s Day, everything goes wobbly in the time stream. People soon after stormed the capitol on this Earth. Strangely, I heard nothing about it until the next day, almost as if it never happened. Admittedly, I don’t watch mainstream media any more, so I might have missed a beat. BUT, I do poke on Google a couple times per day to look stuff up. When 9/11 happened, it was everywhere. When a war breaks out? It’s everywhere. Oil prices drop suddenly, somehow I hear about it the same day a lot of times even on my days off. We have a riot that nearly starts an armed rebellion in this country? Dead silent almost the whole day until my wife mentions it in passing.

But is everything the way we’ve always been led to understand it? I’ve had my share of Mandela Effect experiences. It’s comparable to taking a shower fully clothed and suddenly stepping out fully dry and ready to hop into the shower and nary a minute has passed. Or another analogy is it’s like lucid dreaming, while you’re awake and then it never ends. Folks, if you think me talking about this stuff is nuts, wait til you hear the extradimensional/extraterrestrial stuff. People have been locked up for less and I still have a lot to say.

There’s a channel on YouTube called Reality Check. I started watching it mostly because of the drama revolving around Corey Good and David Wilcock which we won’t get into here. My friend who I bumped into doing some research into Mr Goode’s veracity said, “Go check out Jay Weidner. He’s got a lot of good information on this stuff.”

Not only can Jay prove that a couple people in UFOlogy are talking out of their butts, but he also has a lot of fascinating information about ETs, alternate dimensions, NASA, some non-ET related stuff and the very nature of reality itself. I’m confident Jay’s done a lot of research. Here’s the link for his channel: Reality Check with Jay Weidner. I know I follow a lot of credible researchers on YouTube and I’m getting ready to talk about a few more of them when I dive deep into the ET topic, but family, I kid you not, it’s all part of the bigger picture.

I was watching one of Jay’s more recent videos called “The Destruction of Memory.” Of course, I’m thinking, “Yeah, he’s right.” In fact, they even mentioned our Iowa Capitol Building, and I’m right there. Like, I literally live 10 minutes away. And the architecture on some of these buildings is massive! In fact Iowa is riddled with buildings with this massive almost gothic quality architecture that would take years just to lay the foundation and put together by modern standards. That’s where things stopped adding up for all of us. Jay, his guest, and I’m guessing most of the audience.

How do you put up a huge stone building dead center of the midwestern USA on dirt roads, using mostly horse-drawn carriages, during the 1800’s with a project requiring hundreds if not thousands of man hours by today’s standards with no artificial lighting, modern equipment in a few short years??? You can look up the photos from the Des Moines Register and Google the Iowa Historical Record and find all these photos. I’m not making this stuff up. Our modern Army Corps of Engineers would be pressed to do something of that quality that fast and get it right.

But it gets better! No one can really remember how they did it. Kansas City World’s Fair, the same thing happened. Massive stone buildings drop in the middle of the USA in a couple of years, only to be torn down just as fast when the fair ended. And no one remembers anything. Freakier yet, if you look at all these photos that were taken pre-automobile, there isn’t a single hitching post or horse to be seen anywhere.

Go further South in the USA. Where did all the huge stone and steel buildings used for asylums and hospitals come from? There are Gothic style buildings that simply look anachronistic and impossible to come up with at the time they were supposedly built with the materiale that would have been readily available at the time. To put it bluntly, some of these buildings just don’t make any sense as to how they got there or why.

I’ve lived in Iowa all my life. I’ve been in some pretty old buildings in rural Iowa. Some of them have really withstood the test of time remarkably well. In fact, some of them are just plain architectural marvels. But how did they get there, and who built them? I’m not sayin, “It was them aliens,” but there’s a lot more going on with our history than we have been led to believe. I’ll come back to this in the future, assuming it exists as such.

My brain hurts now. Time for a break. lol…

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