Am I Doing This Right?

Still looking for that remote job. Wanna chat over Twitter? Sure. Want to exchange Instagram messages? Great. Message me on LinkedIn? Are you real? Wanna text? How well do I know you? You want to get together in person?!? Uh… Umm… M-maybe next week/month/year/never.

Please bear with me as I’m going to ramble a bit here.

I’ve been debating about posting this for a while now. It’s not entirely an imposter syndrome thing. Sometimes I just wonder if I’m doing things right?

I still have plenty of PTSD around criticism, so I’m not exactly out soliciting opinions of anything I’m doing. My inner critic is enough for me on any given day. I sure as shit never want to set foot in a “real” job ever again. If I can’t work remotely, I ain’t doin it. For the rest, there’s therapy. 😅

Today and several other days, I keep wondering if I’m social media-ing correctly? Is that a thing? I dunno. It is now, I guess.

I mean, I’m not trying to be the popular-est guy ever on social media. I’ve met some very amazing and talented people on Instagram and Twitter both. I truly treasure and appreciate so many of whom I’ve met so far. But am I making an impact? Would they say the same? I’m not entirely sure.

I’m not always getting 100% of the engagement I’m looking for on Twitter and Instagram. At least I’m not fighting/arguing with or getting-trolled-by anyone the majority of the time. That’s good, I guess.

I have a few people on Twitter that I follow who I’m pretty sure don’t recognize me as a follower or just plain don’t care. Lol? I guess invisible and anonymous is okay in some cases. I can still talk mad smack about Matt Mercer and he’ll never know. Bwah haha! (Just kidding.)

Having a life online and having friends out in the physical world are two different things.

Sure, we’d like to believe it’s both. You’ll notice I didn’t say, “the ‘real’ world” because for many, especially the last two years, online relationships are just as real as physical ones.

I have friends that I met, talk to, and hang with online pretty much exclusively. Kinda hard to go to coffee when we’re scattered all over the planet, literally, but we’re friends, regardless. As a big proponent of the Law of Attraction, I would say reality is what you make it.

Even if you have imaginary friends, and you have conversations with them in your head all day, they’re just as real as people you could meet on the street. And because emotion is energy in motion, eventually the Universe would likely pair you up with someone similar to the ones in you imagined along the lines of your vibrational frequency. (Theoretically.) So, no worries there.

I’m still struggling with meeting people out in public.

My therapist is working with me on this. Maybe talking about it helps, I dunno? Truth is, I still don’t want to hang with people out in the physical world. Some days, I don’t even want to leave the house. Hanging out with people in the physical world puts me in a state between panic and anger a lot of times.

Still looking for that remote job. Wanna chat over Twitter? Sure. Want to exchange Instagram messages? Great. Message me on LinkedIn? Are you real? Wanna text? How well do I know you? You want to get together in person?!? Uh… Umm… M-maybe next week/month/year/never.

Maybe I’m happier making friends online? That’s sort of the social media engagement I’d really like. I’ve met some very remarkable people online over the years. That’s a good thing.

Maybe that’s why this format works for me.

I’m okay addressing an audience in writing. It’s cool. I’ll probably never hear from the vast majority of my audience. And that’s okay. We’re cool like that, right?

I’m grateful for you. I appreciate you. Thank you for being here with me in this space. See ya soon.

CO-Vid. I’m Over It.

Beloved family, make your own decisions based on the information you receive and what you believe in the most.

Here’s an article I’d been putting off.

Are we all tired of the Icky Cough-Coughs yet?

In spiritual and conspiracy circles, I hear A LOT of talk about Covid-19. On a daily basis, I even see folks in the world of Ufology talking about it. Well, not the disease specifically, because ya know- we’re not doctors, nurses, virologists, biologists, zoologists… one of the thousands of people actually qualified to talk about the Icky Cough-Coughs. (That’s the name my 14 year old gave it to make it sound like Doc McStuffins.)

Btw, I haven’t been sick. Knock on wood. This has been one of the healthiest years of my life. It has a lot to do with the fact that I’ve sequestered myself at home for a lot of it whenever possible. I rarely leave the house except for work (when I was still doing that.) Now? Good luck prying me out of the house for anything short of food, money, or nature.

It’s a disease in the real world as far as I can tell. How severe it can be, as far as we know is fatal. A couple of older folks who lived down the street from it died early on during the event. The nastiness itself has gotten all kinds of names such as the “Plandemic” or “Scamdemic,” and others. We’ve seen all kinds of predictions surrounding this thing, many of which have not come true.

It’s not the zombie virus of Z Nation fame. It hasn’t wiped half the planet as of August 2021. It also hasn’t dried up and vanished completely, lovely though that would be. The economy is still plodding along, with small businesses struggling more than large, slimy corporations. Some big, slimy corporations have even profited considerably from this. (Mask sales have gone up how much percent compared to two years ago? Yeah…)

We’ve had our shots. Well, some of us have. Maybe not everyone. We’ve spent more time indoors with family and pets. We got to know our political leaders’ characters better than ever for better or worse. All around, as experiences go, it hasn’t been… well, it’s been okay for some. 2020 was still the Earth went haywire. (Sounds like a 1950’s B movie title.) But, for the most part we’re still here. Life goes on for 7.8? billion of us.

I saved this from my Instagram feed. News to me.
Notice it said “Liked.”

Jeff, why are people getting banned on social media for talking about the Icky Cough-Coughs?

Because it’s still a touchy subject for big, slimy corporations and world governments. Not to go all David Icke, but well, there might be a bigger agenda that doesn’t want all us regular folk talking about their plans for world domination. (Sounds like a plot for a James Bond movie. Lol!)

Most of the people I see getting hit with the “misleading information” ban hammer are talking about one of about three things. It’s either masks, vaccinations, or the disease itself while not being medically qualified. Also, Facebook and others don’t like being called out on their nonsense and their paid fact checkers (who work FOR Facebook) will get (sometimes petty) revenge.

These Earth-shattering events were brought to you by: The Interweb and other Mass Media. Part of the trauma from any major issues these days is caused or aided by global mass telecommunications. Back in ye olden days the mass media acted as gatekeepers of information. Now, instead of one person getting information via a train of witness/official source-reporter-editor-broadcast source it just goes witness -> world. This means we’re all reporters and there really are no editors when it comes to getting news now. We are literally finding out what’s going on in the world from the people it effects as fast as videos can upload and messages can send.

The only real gatekeepers for information, aside from the governments of certain countries blocking the internet, are the mass media corporations themselves. This is a blessing and a curse because one should probably ask “Who watches the watchers?”

So if the Zuck-Blofeld Media Syndicate* wants you kept quiet, well… they probably will. See my other rants about censorship and secrecy elsewhere. It gets discussed frequently.

Here’s why I’m here writing about this today:

You have to do what you feel is best for YOU. Get your shots. Don’t get your shots. Wear a mask or two or three. Or don’t wear a mask. Beloved family, make your own decisions based on the information you receive and what you believe in the most. That’s all there is to it in the end. Please be a sovereign being. My point is, I can’t tell you what you should do and neither should anyone else.

The best is still on the horizon.

Other centuries and other epochs have survived plagues worse than this.

I have a somewhat similar view of the phenomena in Ufology. Seriously, dreadful diseases are nothing new historically. Someday, probably sooner rather than later, Covid is going to be right up there with Spanish Flu (Influenza A,) Rubella, Mumps, Whooping Cough, or the Bubonic Plague. This pandemic too, shall pass. The world will move on and any day now the mass media/powers that be will come up with the next newest, biggest, scariest thing on Earth for us to be afraid of.

We’re getting though this, together. The same way ascension is coming, we’re all going to make it through kicking and screaming. We’re all going as one big, happy collective of love and light, whether we want to or not. The progression of linear time moves on regardless of struggle and toil. Sol still rises and sets. Gaia keeps on turning and dancing through the Universe.

Stay safe. Take care. See you soon.

*Zuck-Blofeld Media Syndicate is a name I made up. No real big, slimy corporations were called out in the making of this blog. #dontsueme

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