Staying in Abundance

Humanity and I are going to keep on striving for a better day tomorrow and the day after.

It’s easy to slip back into a lack mentality, especially when times get tough.

A lot of Law of Attraction gurus have covered this, so I won’t go overboard explaining every nuance, but this came up in my life recently. It’s almost a daily occurrence right now in my own mind, though. Adapting to new life circumstances or we’ll say different now moments has been a challenge at times.

How do you keep up the mental walls of positive thinking when it looks like everything has fallen apart? Some would put it more pragmatically and say, “face reality,” but I find reality as we understand it to be a very fluid concept. It’s almost like a line from Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.” I’ve been presented with a grand opportunity, and I’m super determined not to let it slip away. Or to quote Eminem, “You’ve got to lose yourself in this music, this moment… You only get one shot. This is your chance blow…”

Only this is Craigmile, not 8 Mile. Opportunity is infinite like everything else in the Universe. It’s another cliché, but when one door closes, another opens. I believe Source is constantly testing to see what we’re ready for, then presenting it, then challenging, and so on ad infinitum. It’s a constant cycle of sureness. Sometimes it appears as adversity. Other times it appears as triumph.

Aren’t we just lying to ourselves? Spiritually bypassing?

The Six Habits

Laughably, no. And allow me to elaborate. I find there are a few keys to coping with a change in circumstances without bogging down into that old lack mentality. My three favorites are acceptance, gratitude, and presence. And if this sounds like Laura Dibenedetto’s The Six Habits, you’re absolutely correct. BUT… It’s also taken from other brilliant minds such as Alan Watts, Bob Proctor, Jake Ducey, Sri Akarshana, Aaron Doughty, Ralph Smart, Abraham Hicks, and so many more.

If I were bypassing, I could just bury my head in the sand and try to meditate my way out of this whole situation. Instead, I’ve chosen accept the things I cannot change. I have recited the Serenity Prayer over and over during the last two weeks. One thing I’ve noticed people tend to forget, however is we live in a Universe where there are no victims. Yes, it’s hard to swallow, but everything is a matter of choices. My choices are going to lead me to better and better places.

Mentally, it’s hard for the ego to let go of the “this sucks” notion. It can leave one ranting like an insane person, walking about the house muttering, arguing with oneself about circumstances vs ideals. Without bypassing, being delusional, you have to live in the present as if it were the ideal that you desire. I think it was Alan Watts that talked about being homeless, but mentally constructing your mansion as if you were living there. You have to know every detail as if you were remembering it. Scripting is important, but so are intent and action.

How do you keep from letting your circumstances get to you?

It’s easy to say, “This sucks. I can’t cope. It’s so unfair that -blah- happened.” Instead of complaining and hating on circumstances, I find it easier to focus on the things we have to be grateful for. Now, my list literally grows by the day, some old favorites and some new items. I am happy to be free. I am overjoyed to be my own boss. I am so happy and grateful I finally have some real time on my hands to do some writing. I am so happy and grateful people are reading this right now. I’m grateful I get to be here with Gaia right now. The list can just go on and on…

I am happy and grateful I still have a roof over my head, good food to eat, and my family is happy and healthy. Truthfully, if that’s all I ever manage to manifest in my life, that is awesome. That’s not to brag, either. Plenty of people out there are hurting in one of those categories of more. But humanity and I are going to keep on striving for a better day tomorrow and the day after. It’s not always easy, but it’s always manageable. My advice if you’re struggling- believe in your heart of hearts that it’s going to get better.

I don’t drink alcohol, smoke anything, vape anything, do “recreational drugs” or anything else to try to escape. If I had to pick a soothing behavior, it would be video games and even that is becoming more manageable by the day. My other main hobby is tabletop role-playing games, but that is becoming more of a side hustle and possibly my main hustle eventually.

But if I’ve learned anything over the past few years of taking in LoA teachings on a daily basis, it’s that I never have to completely trudge around in the muck. Sure, there are things I’m going to do, maybe not today, but eventually. My wife and I discuss the grocery budget almost every day. Our kids drink milk like little calicos in June around here. We’d love to eat out more. But we’re going to make due with what we have whether it’s a little or a lot. I’m leaning toward a lot. We’re going to make it happen.

What keeps you focused?

There are two things I’d like to attribute to my success and sometimes failures with LoA. The first is mindset. It took a very long time to rewire my brain. (Somewhere I hear Jake Ducey and a couple of other folks laughing at me.) But it’s so true. You have to turn that minus – into a plus + every day. That line in the middle of the plus sign goes from the bottom up. Sure, I have negative thoughts. It’s gonna happen. The faster you catch it and wire in something more positive, the better.

Some people like to do it subliminally or through hypnosis. I’ve done some of that myself. It works, but you also have to believe. Taking time every day to script either in writing, verbally or even just as a regular thought exercise might seem silly and tedious in the short run, but over days and weeks, it starts to sink in. Daily affirmations do help quite a bit.

Sure, I still get triggered by something silly or take a hit to my self esteem occasionally. The most important thing is not to dwell on it for too long. Psychology plays a major role in spirituality and LoA. We all argue with that little voice in the back of our minds from time to time. It’s called an ego. It’s there to protect us. It can be a big helper when you need it. Other times, you just have to tell the little bugger to sit down and shut up. Sometimes your heart, your gut, and your third eye will get you places that obnoxious ego won’t get you to.

Yes, I DO recommend meditation.

Photo by Felipe Borges on

The best way to be in the presence of God is to pray or meditate every day. I sometimes do both and then some. Regardless of your religious beliefs or practices, just sitting in silence for a few minutes every day can really help you reign in your focus.

I can’t stress enough that it’s not hard. When I meditate, I don’t have any special pose or seated position beyond sitting down, eyes closed, no distractions, palms up (but that’s personal to me.) Relax, be in stillness, and let go of your thoughts for a while. Don’t worry. Don’t think about anything. Just BE. Even if it’s just sitting outside for 10 minutes and observing nature. Some people meditate while walking.

Shaolin monks take it to the extreme in a way. I remember one student saying “Everything we do is meditation. When we punch, we are doing punching meditation. When we kick, we are doing kicking meditation.” Singular focus is key. Pretty soon, if you practice mindfulness long enough, you start picking up on patterns and seeing the world in a whole new light.

Eckhart Tolle explains that meditation itself is not about doing something. It is simply a matter of BE-ing. You have to train your mind to rest and just let the Universe flow though you. That’s when you are in presence the most. There is no trick, posture, pose or plan to get there. It’s a state of being, but does it ever help with the rest of the day.

So, <POOF> I meditated and it’s all better?

Alas, it is not all about meditation. Seriously, if it were that easy to cast a money spell just through meditation, wouldn’t we all do it? Zero point energy, wealth, food and well being for every creature on Earth would have happened a thousand times over and we wouldn’t need to be here if it were that easy. This is the hardest part of LoA for both myself and most people- you have to take what is called, “Inspired Action.” When opportunities present themselves, and they often do, you have to be ready to pounce. For example, if you get offered a new job, and your gut says “yes,” then you have to pounce on it.

I look for new and more opportunities all the time. Being more present and mindful will help you see that when it comes up. In kinda New Age terms you’re collecting your energy and focusing it on that which you intend and the proper time to make it happen. Again, not as easy as it sounds. Ever see a Shaolin monk punch something? Punching meditation. He’s literally pulling energy from the Universe and channeling it through his fist and through the target. It’s all one motion for them.

On a final note, I believe in second, third, and more chances. We ultimately live in a kind, loving Universe. We are beings of love and light. God does not exist to punish us. In my opinion, the Kingdom of Heaven is truly within. If you screw up, like I do, The Universe will put something else in your path. You will attract something new, possibly better than you would have expected.

In the end, the most important thing you can manifest on this Earth is joy. It’s also the easiest. Find one thing to smile about. Find something, even if it’s small, to take some happiness in. Even if you’ve been standing in swamp water up to your chest for two and a half days, as long as you find something to laugh about, you’re going to be okay. Love? Be happy for yourself and your partner. Money? Be happy for however much you have and you’re going to have. Career? Be happy you get to go to work every day in a place you want to be in.

Til next time, stay safe and smile!


Being free of the shackles of 9-5 corporate America has been one of the most positive experiences of my life.

Living the dream.

This whole being my own boss thing has been amazing so far! It’s been peaceful, quiet, and very relaxing. Authenticity has been so much easier. My anxiety has been at an all time low. I haven’t spent this much time with my family since the pandemic broke out. I have no complaints thus far.

Are there challenges?

Yes, absolutely. My wife would prefer I look for a regular, conventional job. >cringe< I’m exploring options to keep being my own boss and doing my own thing. Yeah, I’m still putting out resumes here and there. I haven’t had a lot of bites and that’s okay.

Also, full personal disclosure, I’ve been feeling the chilly bite of depression here and there for whatever reason. But hey, “shadow work” is how we grow. I knew it was coming and I’ve been dealing with it using all the tools I’ve learned along the way. It’s actually been a bit easier when not coupled with anxiety and frustration.

Flipping to a day schedule has been probably the hardest part. I honestly don’t remember the last time I rose in the morning and slept at night. Still working on that second half. I meditate. I nap. I’m awake at some pretty oddball hours yet. I don’t mind.

Oh, and the ever-present challenge of working from home, which makes me giggle with glee. My wife wiped out drawer in the kitchen. Oh noes… And occasionally one of the cats will hork up a furball or one of the kids needs a bike tire repair or something. Nothing to get excited about.

What do I enjoy?

Like, besides everything right now? Lol! well, maybe not everything. But darned close.

I have an affirmation on my desk that says, “I am my own best boss and favorite employee.” It’s true. I have another one that says, “I choose to be my best self.” I feel liberated.

If you’re working for some big, nameless, faceless, uncaring, unfeeling corporation but you’re happy? Great. I’m happy for you. Me? I NEVER want to go back to that environment. A friend on Instagram mentioned she’d recently gotten out of the fast food industry. I practically celebrated for her! Hallelujah!!!

I want to help people. I intend for my message someday to reach a million people or more. It is possible to be happy! I’ll just as gladly help one extraterrestrial contactee/experiencer at a time. I’ll help build you a website for dirt cheap. I don’t think authors are making heaps of money these days. But at least it’s interpersonal and not ultra professional.

Am I saying people should run out and quit their corporate jobs?

No. I will say I wish I had done so a very long time ago. I used to call out and mock certain well known LoA gurus who talked about that. What I will say, is be responsible for yourself and your family. I would not have made it this far without the love and support of my wife. I have every ounce of faith that I’m going to pay her back.

That having been said, I’m not going back to a corporation probably ever. Not my cup of tea. If it’s your thing? Great. Enjoy that. Really. Personally, I’d rather dip a paper cut in boiling, concentrated lemon juice while being waterboarded during a police interrogation on Christmas morning than go back to work for any large company ever again.

I have so much gratitude.

I have to thank so many people. I’ll be dropping Instagram posts and emails for some of them. Every night, I thank Gaia, Source, my Higher Self, my Family of Light, the Ascended Masters, my Earthly Teachers, my human family, my three fur children and my readers. I’m grateful just for being here and for the wealth/prosperity that flows into our lives endlessly, effortlessly and copiously every day. I’d also like to shout out @lauradibenedetto because she has helped me to get where I am now. Thanks all!!!

Get It Together!

There are unexplained phenomena and contact cases galore. And still the government of the United States of America looks up in the sky at verifiable footage from their own pilots, sailors and radar operators and expects us to believe they don’t know what’s going on. Really? Really?

I’m appealing to the human-ity of #UFOTwitter and like groups. We’re so close to a breakthrough in Disclosure. We’re facing another 50-70 years of being laughed-at, humiliated and dismissed as “kooks” and “wackos.” Guys, UFO family, whatever you want to call yourself in this movement, we absolutely must stick together!

If I was a member of the infamous “They” aka the Illuminati, the Dark Cabal, the NWO, the Shadow Government or whatever they’re being called this week, I know exactly how I would play this if I wanted to break it up. And family, if an old small town Iowa boy can figure it out, you better believe “they” probably already have it in motion.

Divide and conquer is one of the oldest plays in the book.

Family, they’ve been using this since time immemorial. A bunch of backwater rabble rousers start agitating for a major change in government. All they have to do is unite sixteen different tribes under one banner long enough to overthrow the Imperial Monarchy and form a new government. Do you know how hard it is to get six people around one table to agree on something, much less sixteen? All it takes for the whole thing to go to pieces is one person to secretly be backing the Monarch. Then dissension spreads quietly amongst the ranks. Before you know it, the Rebellion lies in tatters.

Fast forward to the UFOlogy community. We have dozens of individual researchers, reporters, theorists (conspiracy or otherwise,) scientists, spiritualists, and government advocates all gathered around the same proverbial table. We meet on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, conferences, conventions, pubs and websites all over the place.

We KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that extraterrestrials are real. UFOs are REAL. These things have been around us and amongst us for decades, possibly centuries. Witness after witness has come forward with solid testimony time and time again. But the old paradigm comes into play- obviously if you saw this thing in the sky or were even pulled up into one, you must be a “kook” or a “nutjob.” Because no sane, rational, “normal” human would dare go against the mainstream, narrative-fed collective would they?

But eventually a picture is being formed outside of mainstream channels that goes against the control narrative. Enough isolated witnesses manage to get together on a global communications platform- the World Wide Web. Still isolated as a subculture or even a counterculture, sure. But we’re starting to get it together. It’s only taken us 70 plus years since the first atomic bomb test and the Roswell incident to get our act together, not for a lack of trying.

The insanity narrative began to decay, so they fell back on other old tried-and-true tactics. They cooked up this term “conspiracy theorist” and gave it a negative connotation. Admittedly, it’s been around since at least the Romans were in power. “Beware the Ides of March,” ring a bell? Now those of us who chase the story down the rabbit hole are considered “dangerous” and threatening to destabilize society. Anything that goes against the status quo must be scary and dangerous, right?

But that Wile E Coyote scheme wasn’t enough on its own. They know that sowing dissension among the ranks would set us back even further. All the separate tribes of UFOlogy get scattered even further when internet rumors start flying. This well-known, often quoted researcher is a “CIA shill.” This other researcher is a “total fraud.” Obviously if you don’t believe in physical proof, you’re completely misled and uninformed. Science is lovely and all, but belief in a higher power will see us through aka the spiritual ET theory. (Yes, I’m biased toward that one, but it doesn’t matter for this discussion.

My favorite dissensions in the ranks right now are on #ufotwitter. After the 180 Day UAP Assessment for Congress was released and turned out to be the big nothing burger that many of us predicted it would be, two opposing camps presented themselves and immediately began attacking one another. Dr Steven Greer, who has long carried the banner for truth and government Disclosure is being set up in opposition to the Lue Elizondo followers.

For those who aren’t aware, Mr Elizondo is “former” DIA and head of AATIP. (Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program.) Lue, Chris Mellon and a couple of other “former” spooks got together with Blink 182 rock star Tom DeLonge and formed TTSA. More recently Elizondo and Mellon broke off. From there it’s messy… But needless to say Lue has a solid fan base now.

The main focus of the debate between the Greer and Elizondo camps is whether or not UFOs or UAP are a threat. Dr Greer (my hero for years and the cause of my spiritual awakening) contends that the ET presence is not a threat and stand for the peaceful advancement of humanity. Do CE5 and find out for yourself. While Lue’s following contends that UAP may very well be a threat and more scientific research is needed. In fairness to Lue, he is making the topic more mainstream and sometimes he does make very good points. I used to be a nuts-and-bolts guy. I like science. I would love for ETs to land on the White House lawn, but it scares me to think what would happen if they did. (For the ETs, because we’re still pretty dangerous as a species.)

I really feel sorry for Nick Pope, former British Ministry of Defense employee, film maker Jeremy Corbell, attorney Danny Sheehan, and others who have been caught in the crossfire between Greer and Elizondo.

Then an older debate reared its ugly head. The debunkers stepped up their game. I won’t name drop on this one, but needless to say after the latest report to Congress flopped, a bunch of longtime UFO debunkers jumped up and said, “I was right. I was right!” like Brainy Smurf on a good day.

Just today I saw a new argument forming between the nuts-and-bolts science guys and those of us who just plain believe in the ET presence on a spiritual level. We are going to discover sooner or later that our cosmic family, star brothers/sisters are very spiritual beings. Their science is probably going to look like magic to us. Recovered materials from crashed craft are legit beyond Earth science according to metallurgists. We absolutely have to get our collective acts together.

No I’m not looking to hug it out with Mick West or Ryan from @postdisclosureworld We all have our differences, but if we don’t put our feet down as a group and stand together for full government Disclosure soon? They are gonna roll right over us and keep lying to the public like they have been since Project Blue Book.

We’ve seen waves of UFOs fly over the White House, buzz nuclear installations, circle naval vessels and aircraft alike. We’ve seen lights and craft over cities in just about every part of the world imaginable. There are unexplained phenomena and contact cases galore. And still the government of the United States of America looks up in the sky at verifiable footage from their own pilots, sailors and radar operators and expects us to believe they don’t know what’s going on. Really? Really? Guess they must think the public is either awfully stupid or very incapable of handling the truth.

This was kind of a long one. more to come. I’m so very passionate about this subject on behalf of myself, experiencers, contactees, CE5 practitioners, and everyone else who looks up at the stars and knows there is so very much more out there. Stay tuned. Stay safe. Keep looking up. See you later.

Available for work.

If you need/want help with your spiritual or UFO/UAP related business, I’m here for you.


I’m looking for work now. If anyone knows of anything in the Spiritual, UFO or Law of Attraction communities, please let me know. I’ll work on the cheap, especially for a good cause. I’m fairly proficient in Social Media, web design, general office work, newspaper reporting. I haven’t offered myself up as any kind of life coach yet because I want to make sure I’m certified first.

Laughably, I say it a lot. Someone probably should hire me before I really get going on my own too much. That, and if I’m around the house too much, it will drive my wife and kids nutz. (Kidding!)

This is my chance at freedom. This is a good time to become my own boss. Most importantly, this is a time for me to really show the world what all I can do. But, I can’t do it all alone.

If you need/want help with your spiritual, Law of Attraction- related, or UFO/UAP related business, I’m here for you. I’m also around if you need a research assistant, ghost writer, poet, alt text, social media, or any casual freelance writing. I’m open to quite a bit, actually.

A Chance to Grow.

I haven’t stopped saying or feeling this!

I have always liked the phrase, “When one door closes, another opens.” If I’m a true believer in Law of Attraction, like I am, then things will come into my vortex. Source never puts more in front of us than we can handle. However, it usually does match us vibrationally to a challenge.

I have plenty of time for some of my many back burner projects. It’s time to get more serious about writing. It’s time to look toward my YouTube channel again. It’s time to really jump in and start working more with ET Contact experiencers and possibly some paranormal investigations. I’ve also got my side, side hack of tabletop roleplaying games I’m going to get back to soon.

I’m also going back into The Six Habits for a while for some additional guidance and structure in my life. Yes, I remember. I never truly stopped, just eased up considerably.

Some Gratitude.

I know I say it a lot. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be here on the Earth Plane at this time. I’m grateful for my family and their continued good health. I am grateful for the wealth and prosperity that comes into our lives endlessly, effortlessly, and copiously every day. AND… If you’ve read this far into the article, I’m grateful for you and your support. THANK YOU!!!

For Now, Meditation and Reflection.

I’m going to take a few days and chill, not sulk. I’m going to meditate, reflect, and pray for my family’s well being. My wife and I have some plans in place. Just going to keep my spirits up for now and move on.

THANK YOU!!! Namaste, my family.

Life Update + more ETs

Can we all just please get along?

I feel like a I blinked and we jumped from the end of May all the way to the middle of June. My wife and kids went on vacation and came back. No kidding, my four days of bachelorhood were amazing minus the whole going-to-work thing. I live for the days of being my own boss. I won’t get off onto that rant, but I know what freedom feels like and fresh air smells like. I’m ready.

What does it look like from above, peering down onto these humans? The ETs, our spirit guides. angels, and the rest of our family of light must look down on this planet in shock and wonderment at all the extremes humans are capable of doing to one another. I’ve been somewhat hung up on it lately, myself.

Let me give you an example of the rabbit hole I fell into. Last time I posted about how my friends in Israel and here in the states are being subjected to some serious hate right now for what’s been happening in the world. But there’s a catch. I have friends in Iran, Nigeria, and Pakistan, too. Some of my friends are Jewish. Some of my friends are Muslim. I have friends who are devout Christians. I’m even down with some Pagans. (Not to be confused with Satan worshippers.) As I’ve said before, as long as no one is hurting someone, we’re okay. That having been said: Do you know how hard it is to sit down at a table with ALL of these factions at the same time?

Then flip to Twitter. And yes, I realized that particular platform has no end of venom spewing forth from it. I’m a big fan of #UFOTwitter. One of my favorite people on there is @PostDisclosureWorld, aka Ryan Reynolds, aka UFO Jesus because he has a very good take on Disclosure and his YouTube channel is fabulous. We don’t always agree on everything, but I listen to him very intently. He’s big on Lue Elizondo. I’m a huge Dr Steven Greer fan. Most of the time, we can meet in the middle.

But both of the examples I have provided demonstrate why we’re maybe not ready for full-on ET contact and/or government Disclosure. Humans are embroiled in 3D conflict daily. It’s not even physical conflict. We literally just seem to have trouble coming to a consensus about a lot of things.

I can almost guarantee if I went on any given internet forum right now and said something simple like, “I like chocolate.” Somebody else will pipe up with, “How dare you! Vanilla ice cream is far superior!” Followed by, “Strawberry is the only way to go. You’re racist and your mom’s a… ” Umm. I didn’t say “ice cream.” Although that does sound good right now. Honestly, sometimes I like Cinnamon Fried Ice Cream. Chocolate or Vanilla. I’m not really picky.

So if an ET is looking in and sees us acting all crazy, can you really blame that being for wanting to use extreme caution around humans? Yes, our higher selves might connect and agree on just about everything. But down here? Oof. People make me cringe sometimes at the absolute depths they’re willing to go to hurt one another. We won’t even get into war, protests, or going to jail.

Lots more to come. Please spread peace, love and light wherever you may roam.

Is It Truly Better?

If and only if I ever have a bonafide product to sell, I’ll let you know.

I’ve been talking about money the last couple of posts. More specifically, why I don’t ask for it. You’ll never see me on Patreon, asking for money on my website, or starting a must-have course related to spirituality, UFOs, ETs, or anything of the sort. Right now, I am a strictly non-profit endeavor. This is my attitude. It may not work for everyone.

I find it interesting that I hear well-known Law of Attraction teachers contradicting themselves when they talk about things being effortless versus things being a constant grind. I recently saw Aaron Abke explain this as an Abraham Hicks vs Eckhart Tolle video. His conclusion made sense: Law of Attraction is a fun game to play, but quickly dissipates as soon as you move toward oneness. I agree.

A lot of the hobby creators I follow do a Kickstarter or Patreon Page. It’s just not my thing. I mean, sure, I’ve backed some Kickstarters recently. If you have a product that you want to see go to print, it’s probably a good idea. But make darn sure the art quality and writing/editing are top notch. Lots of extras to throw out as treats for backer rewards always help as well. It makes more sense for a tabletop role-playing game, I suppose.

If you’re doing heavy esoteric work, as I seek to do, Patreon seems like an especially bad idea to me. This is just MY opinion, however. It’s almost straight out of the cultist’s handbook for a spiritual leader to start a Patreon page, though. Think about it. Pay in money to join an exclusive club to get special content from a spiritual leader. Is it just me? Some of the other major check boxes for a cult aren’t there necessarily. It’s not to say every spiritual leader with a Patreon page is bad, either. It just looks kinda sketchy to me. 

If you can go to the church down on the corner and get your religion for free, why spend the big bucks on Patreon? If it’s a dollar to keep the newsletter running, I guess I could see it. If someone has a few bucks to help keep the heat on in the church and maybe help feed the preacher’s family, sure. Put a few dollars in the collection plate. But those are willing donations with presumably local results. We all know that has been abused as well, however.

So, if money is collected from crowdfunding a spiritual cause? Where does that go? Does this make New Age Spirituality any better than organized religion? Maybe you’re helping someone out feeding their family or maybe you’re feeding right into someone’s shoe fetish. It’s truly hard to tell.

IFF I ever have a bonafide product to sell, I’ll let you know. Honestly, my goal is to get the heck out of the 48 hour work grind that I’m currently in. For one thing, the schedule is a nightmare and for another, it just not me. In fact, I pray regularly for zero point energy to become the popular thing on the Earth plane, like, today would be good. I made so many mistakes before I woke up, and working for the (euww) oil industry was most definitely one of them. Like I said, I’ll let you know when I get hit with the metaphysical bolt of creative passion lightning that fixes my financial issues and inspires me to discover and fulfill my life’s purpose. (Any day now, God.)

Now, I have a quick life update to run and then another brief article on this subject.

About That Monetization

I don’t have a Patreon, VenMo, GoFundMe, or anything on Kickstarter.

A couple of articles back, I mentioned a quandary when it comes to monetization. Well, let’s go into that a little deeper. Because, I love money. I love what money can do. I want to put that energy to good use. BUT, like many spiritual beings on this Earth, I have a very hard time asking for it.

This is why I don’t have a Patreon, VenMo, GoFundMe, or anything on Kickstarter. One, I don’t offer any service that I could charge money for. I mean, I’m sure WordPress doesn’t mind the ads being here, but I’m not making any real money. And second, Spirituality is FREE! Believe me when I say, finding yourself and finding your place in the Universe costs nothing in terms of money. Do NOT let anyone tell you otherwise.

I recently went rounds with a popular guru/yogi with a Lamborghini/self-titled millionaire with a cult-like following on Facebook and elsewhere. I asked very pointedly if he ever actually worked a day at a real job in his life. I’m a bit frustrated with these Law of Attraction folks who really seem to be living in a whole different reality than the rest of us. Sometimes there’s a backstory that we just don’t get from some of them.

I know a couple of these LoA types that suddenly sprang up into millionaire-dom. Millionaire-ity? Millionaire status. There we go. Nothing wrong with that, but I really get the impression that maybe there’s a little more going on that we, the viewing public, are aware of. Or maybe they’re not really millionaires at all. Regardless, some of them seen to have absolutely no idea how real people live. And that’s not to disrespect the rich, that’s just the facts at hand.

Why does a spiritual millionaire need to charge $11,000 for a life coaching course? Or why does a different one charge $500 for a business success course easily worth ten times that? Why does a super-powerful LoA guru have a vast network of people begging strangers for money every chance they get. And does it look like I’m made of money?

Does it look like I’m made of money?
Not a “Lack mindset,” just realistic, folks. I’m a real person.

Seriously, if I had a heap of cash lying around that my kids hadn’t claimed and my wife didn’t already have plans/bills for, maybe I’d spend $500 and learn six easy steps to becoming a spiritual millionaire. But, because I have responsibilities and a job (that I loathe) out in the real world, that ain’t happening.

And of course, Mr LoA guru will just say I’m not serious enough, or I’m butt-hurt because I can’t afford him or I’m just free-loading or whatever the excuse is. Yes, I know the difference between an abundance mindset vs a lack mindset or lack mentality when I see it. Believe me, I’ve seen a God’s-plenty of lack over the years growing up and starting a family. Not just myself, either, but those around me. I’m so happy and grateful for what I have. Make no mistake.

But what I’m trying to get at is that “Love and Light” should not be all about the $Benjamins$. I have defied these LoA folks time and time again to show me ONE, just ONE shining example of a working-class stiff who became a millionaire without spending his life savings on a “wealth and success coach.” And it’s the same running gag over in the spirituality community. It’s the overlap between LoA and spirituality. Honestly, sometimes it makes me sick to my stomach.

This spirituality for profit is a get-rich-quick scheme. Organized religion has had this same scam going for thousands of years. Follow us. Donate to us. Believe all the dogma. Drink your Kool-aid. Continue to contribute to society the same way you have for centuries, but don’t forget to give til it hurts.

You don’t need a spiritual awakening to stay a part of the ho-hum status quo, family. If one wishes to go one day to the next doing the same old rinse-n-repeat every day, that’s cool. It’s not my shtick. But there’s better, and if you’re here, you probably realize that.

So, I don’t have a problem with you if you sell your course and any price. I don’t mind if you offer up you $11K mentoring program. You won’t catch me doing any of that. I won’t offer it. I probably shell out for it.

This is an energetic exchange between myself and the author, to whom I pretty much owe my well-being. I don’t know how else to explain it, but again- no monetary profit here for me and keeping it that way!

Do I often show off The Six Habits? Darn right! But that’s different from what I’m talking about. And again, I make not a single dime in profit from this. In fact, I probably owe Laura more than I could ever pay her in cash. And we’ll get into that more in another entry. But if you’re looking to invest a few buck in self development- it’s a great way to go.

Getting back to my original point. I don’t begrudge anyone what they are doing. I’m just telling you from first hand experience, that there is nothing I can teach you that you can’t learn for yourself; intellectually or spiritually. And that’s why I’m not asking for money on my website, Patreon, or anywhere else. I hereby promise to never offer up any “exclusive content” or anything else that I wouldn’t happily explain for FREE!

Much love. Til next time.

Monetization Quandary

I feel very strongly that lifting the collective consciousness is a not-for-profit industry.

Hello Family!

I recently had a discussion with a friend of mine over the topic of crowdfunding. It’s really got me thinking about how and what to do with it. Okay, a little Law of Attraction talk for a minute- I love prosperity! I love money! I am overflowing with the infinite abundance of God’s wealth! I AM a money magnet! Ah, there. Got that all off my chest. If Jake Ducey ever reads this, I hope I made him proud by stealing some of his quotes.

But that is kind of true. I love money. I would love to have more. Do you know all the cool happy fun things money can do? Feed the homeless. Plant trees. Buy gifts for orphans. Help my children to pursue their dreams. But here’s the kicker- Do you really need ME for that? I mean, if you’ve got money to give away, you can easily do that and more.

I’m into LoA to get rich, yes. Among so many other things that would make me smile. And this is not an article where I plan to do any debunking of LoA, although that day may well come. Raise your vibration super high. Super cool things come to you. Pleasant, positive things find their way into my field when I’m in the flow state. No doubt.

You’re probably wondering where all this is going by now. Truthfully, I hope I never make any money from you unless I’m doing something to earn it. I’m not on my spiritual path to make a quick buck. Truthfully, I cringe every time I really enjoy listening to someone’s content on Instagram or YouTube, but then they have to drop the sales pitch for their course, meditation, cult-like Patreon community, or whatever. I mean, yay for them.

Here’s the thing- I’m not here to say “Money is bad.” Quite the opposite. I love money. If you make money selling a book, course, meditations, reiki, or whatever you’re doing, that’s great. If you’re an award winning success coach, life mentor or spiritual guru, that’s great. Good for you. It’s not a competition. I’m not in it to win it from you. I’ll celebrate your success. Cool.

Not me. I’m not on the spiritual path toward more money. When I “awoke” and saw what’s really going on out there in the world, I started asking, “What the actual f*ck is wrong with some of these people?” And I truthfully have two or three WTAF moments every day. And I don’t just mean people sponging money off of the New Age spiritual crowd. I mean, in general. Sometimes it seems like the closer one is to the top of the elite 1% that control so much and have so much wealth, the more likely something is seriously wrong with them. Things I don’t even want to think about, ever. Yeesh.

So, I’m not here to get rich off of spiritual folk. I’m not here to try to get rich off of the UFO crowd, or ET experiencers. I don’t want to make a dime talking about mental health, spiritual beliefs, or anything of the sort. (If my wife reads this, she’s probably cringing right now…)

I could be homeless and living under a bridge for that. The Universe will always provide. Believe and you will receive. Right? Let’s hope so. But I feel very strongly that lifting the collective consciousness is a not-for-profit industry.

More to come on this. It’s a topic I feel very strongly about. I’ve seen so many people doing it the way I have sworn not to do it. But, seriously, why? Are you about love and light or credit and debit?

Energy Flow

From one moment to the next we choose where to expend our energy.

I wanted to post a short addendum to yesterday’s message. I sort of forgot to talk about the flow of energy. I promise I’m not going to rewire anyone’s house.

The Earth Plane is one of choices. From one moment to the next we choose where to expend our energy. We choose what we focus our attention on. We choose how we view and take in information, our discernment.

And, my favourite part- we get to choose how we react to things. That became so apparent tonight while I was at my full-time job. Someone said I was sensitive. (Freaked me out. LOL!) But it’s true. Sometimes I can look at a message and pick up on intent that wasn’t actually written. I suppose there are more rational explanations, but let’s roll with the slightly more empathic or even telepathic one for sake of argument.

Photo by Pixabay on

But it really sunk in. I can choose to be bitter, angry, disgruntled and irritable. OR, I can choose to be better, happy, pleasant and understanding. I can burn energy on all those nasty, unpleasant, heavy emotions or I can lighten my load (pun intended,) and feel it, acknowledge it, and move on in fairly rapid order. Yes. It’s that simple.

And that’s really all I have today. The simple notion that I or you, or anyone can choose to be happy in any given now moment. That’s all we have is the now moment. May as well enjoy it, right?

Have a good one!

I’m Here Today

Because I’m home from my regular job. I stayed home because when I woke up for work, I could barely move. I was feeling exhaustion on a whole new level. It was a long, painful, tiresome day leading up to that moment when I called my boss and said I was staying home.

My brain fog seems to have cleared out, mostly, and that is most definitely a good thing. My spirit guides and higher self sort of nudged me toward my laptop tonight. I just felt the need to put some words down on, well, not-paper. Uh. Pixels? The page, regardless.

I have heard, from one of my Earthly teachers that you should always “sell” stories that reflect who you really are. You should always tell your story. Well, I’m not trying to sell anything here, family. If someone wanted to kindly pick me up as a copywriter, I would probably welcome the opportunity, sure.

So, here I am. Let’s take this a bit deeper down the philosophical and energetic rabbit hole for a moment. The energetic expression that refers to itself as “I” or “me” in this now moment of time and space is visible to others in this medium. In other words, from the perspective of higher, light-bodied beings, the ball of light that I am is flashing/glowing/being in it’s pattern that identifies its unique expression of self.

As Eckhart Tolle probably doesn’t read my blog yet, I’ll try to explain. Once you leave the Earth Plane, so we’ll say Fifth Dimensional existence and up, words as we use them don’t exist. Thought patterns appear as wave forms and energetic structures, as far as we know. So, the individual expression of oneself must appear within whatever energetic rules exist in that dimensional level of being. Time is another sticky subject all around that I am only barely becoming aware-of, so I’m not going to even try to go there right now.

Photo by Zsu00f3fia Fehu00e9r on

Using the picture above to illustrate my point, if each ghosty above had a glow like a ball of Christmas tree lights was jammed up inside of it, and we all “spoke” in light flashes to understand one another, communication becomes faster, easier, and deeper very quickly.

The spiritual experts, gurus, etc all say that we only remember a fraction of who/what we really are while incarnated on this 3D Earthly plane of existence. We have to play be the rules of this plane, so solid matter, audio/visual communication, gravity, separate identity of self, and so forth. Separation and duality are the two we have stumbled over the most in 2020.

This is a little bit of who I am, I suppose. Maybe my grammar and syntax are a little messed up at times. Sometimes I literally put words down on the computer faster than if I’m stopping to think about what I’m saying. It’s like the words were already there and I’m just remembering what I was going to type. Sometimes it’s more like a gentle etheric prodding to say certain things.

Guess I’m going back to my night off now. Sleep calls again. Sending you all love and light.

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