Get It Together!

There are unexplained phenomena and contact cases galore. And still the government of the United States of America looks up in the sky at verifiable footage from their own pilots, sailors and radar operators and expects us to believe they don’t know what’s going on. Really? Really?

I’m appealing to the human-ity of #UFOTwitter and like groups. We’re so close to a breakthrough in Disclosure. We’re facing another 50-70 years of being laughed-at, humiliated and dismissed as “kooks” and “wackos.” Guys, UFO family, whatever you want to call yourself in this movement, we absolutely must stick together!

If I was a member of the infamous “They” aka the Illuminati, the Dark Cabal, the NWO, the Shadow Government or whatever they’re being called this week, I know exactly how I would play this if I wanted to break it up. And family, if an old small town Iowa boy can figure it out, you better believe “they” probably already have it in motion.

Divide and conquer is one of the oldest plays in the book.

Family, they’ve been using this since time immemorial. A bunch of backwater rabble rousers start agitating for a major change in government. All they have to do is unite sixteen different tribes under one banner long enough to overthrow the Imperial Monarchy and form a new government. Do you know how hard it is to get six people around one table to agree on something, much less sixteen? All it takes for the whole thing to go to pieces is one person to secretly be backing the Monarch. Then dissension spreads quietly amongst the ranks. Before you know it, the Rebellion lies in tatters.

Fast forward to the UFOlogy community. We have dozens of individual researchers, reporters, theorists (conspiracy or otherwise,) scientists, spiritualists, and government advocates all gathered around the same proverbial table. We meet on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, conferences, conventions, pubs and websites all over the place.

We KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that extraterrestrials are real. UFOs are REAL. These things have been around us and amongst us for decades, possibly centuries. Witness after witness has come forward with solid testimony time and time again. But the old paradigm comes into play- obviously if you saw this thing in the sky or were even pulled up into one, you must be a “kook” or a “nutjob.” Because no sane, rational, “normal” human would dare go against the mainstream, narrative-fed collective would they?

But eventually a picture is being formed outside of mainstream channels that goes against the control narrative. Enough isolated witnesses manage to get together on a global communications platform- the World Wide Web. Still isolated as a subculture or even a counterculture, sure. But we’re starting to get it together. It’s only taken us 70 plus years since the first atomic bomb test and the Roswell incident to get our act together, not for a lack of trying.

The insanity narrative began to decay, so they fell back on other old tried-and-true tactics. They cooked up this term “conspiracy theorist” and gave it a negative connotation. Admittedly, it’s been around since at least the Romans were in power. “Beware the Ides of March,” ring a bell? Now those of us who chase the story down the rabbit hole are considered “dangerous” and threatening to destabilize society. Anything that goes against the status quo must be scary and dangerous, right?

But that Wile E Coyote scheme wasn’t enough on its own. They know that sowing dissension among the ranks would set us back even further. All the separate tribes of UFOlogy get scattered even further when internet rumors start flying. This well-known, often quoted researcher is a “CIA shill.” This other researcher is a “total fraud.” Obviously if you don’t believe in physical proof, you’re completely misled and uninformed. Science is lovely and all, but belief in a higher power will see us through aka the spiritual ET theory. (Yes, I’m biased toward that one, but it doesn’t matter for this discussion.

My favorite dissensions in the ranks right now are on #ufotwitter. After the 180 Day UAP Assessment for Congress was released and turned out to be the big nothing burger that many of us predicted it would be, two opposing camps presented themselves and immediately began attacking one another. Dr Steven Greer, who has long carried the banner for truth and government Disclosure is being set up in opposition to the Lue Elizondo followers.

For those who aren’t aware, Mr Elizondo is “former” DIA and head of AATIP. (Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program.) Lue, Chris Mellon and a couple of other “former” spooks got together with Blink 182 rock star Tom DeLonge and formed TTSA. More recently Elizondo and Mellon broke off. From there it’s messy… But needless to say Lue has a solid fan base now.

The main focus of the debate between the Greer and Elizondo camps is whether or not UFOs or UAP are a threat. Dr Greer (my hero for years and the cause of my spiritual awakening) contends that the ET presence is not a threat and stand for the peaceful advancement of humanity. Do CE5 and find out for yourself. While Lue’s following contends that UAP may very well be a threat and more scientific research is needed. In fairness to Lue, he is making the topic more mainstream and sometimes he does make very good points. I used to be a nuts-and-bolts guy. I like science. I would love for ETs to land on the White House lawn, but it scares me to think what would happen if they did. (For the ETs, because we’re still pretty dangerous as a species.)

I really feel sorry for Nick Pope, former British Ministry of Defense employee, film maker Jeremy Corbell, attorney Danny Sheehan, and others who have been caught in the crossfire between Greer and Elizondo.

Then an older debate reared its ugly head. The debunkers stepped up their game. I won’t name drop on this one, but needless to say after the latest report to Congress flopped, a bunch of longtime UFO debunkers jumped up and said, “I was right. I was right!” like Brainy Smurf on a good day.

Just today I saw a new argument forming between the nuts-and-bolts science guys and those of us who just plain believe in the ET presence on a spiritual level. We are going to discover sooner or later that our cosmic family, star brothers/sisters are very spiritual beings. Their science is probably going to look like magic to us. Recovered materials from crashed craft are legit beyond Earth science according to metallurgists. We absolutely have to get our collective acts together.

No I’m not looking to hug it out with Mick West or Ryan from @postdisclosureworld We all have our differences, but if we don’t put our feet down as a group and stand together for full government Disclosure soon? They are gonna roll right over us and keep lying to the public like they have been since Project Blue Book.

We’ve seen waves of UFOs fly over the White House, buzz nuclear installations, circle naval vessels and aircraft alike. We’ve seen lights and craft over cities in just about every part of the world imaginable. There are unexplained phenomena and contact cases galore. And still the government of the United States of America looks up in the sky at verifiable footage from their own pilots, sailors and radar operators and expects us to believe they don’t know what’s going on. Really? Really? Guess they must think the public is either awfully stupid or very incapable of handling the truth.

This was kind of a long one. more to come. I’m so very passionate about this subject on behalf of myself, experiencers, contactees, CE5 practitioners, and everyone else who looks up at the stars and knows there is so very much more out there. Stay tuned. Stay safe. Keep looking up. See you later.

Life Update + more ETs

Can we all just please get along?

I feel like a I blinked and we jumped from the end of May all the way to the middle of June. My wife and kids went on vacation and came back. No kidding, my four days of bachelorhood were amazing minus the whole going-to-work thing. I live for the days of being my own boss. I won’t get off onto that rant, but I know what freedom feels like and fresh air smells like. I’m ready.

What does it look like from above, peering down onto these humans? The ETs, our spirit guides. angels, and the rest of our family of light must look down on this planet in shock and wonderment at all the extremes humans are capable of doing to one another. I’ve been somewhat hung up on it lately, myself.

Let me give you an example of the rabbit hole I fell into. Last time I posted about how my friends in Israel and here in the states are being subjected to some serious hate right now for what’s been happening in the world. But there’s a catch. I have friends in Iran, Nigeria, and Pakistan, too. Some of my friends are Jewish. Some of my friends are Muslim. I have friends who are devout Christians. I’m even down with some Pagans. (Not to be confused with Satan worshippers.) As I’ve said before, as long as no one is hurting someone, we’re okay. That having been said: Do you know how hard it is to sit down at a table with ALL of these factions at the same time?

Then flip to Twitter. And yes, I realized that particular platform has no end of venom spewing forth from it. I’m a big fan of #UFOTwitter. One of my favorite people on there is @PostDisclosureWorld, aka Ryan Reynolds, aka UFO Jesus because he has a very good take on Disclosure and his YouTube channel is fabulous. We don’t always agree on everything, but I listen to him very intently. He’s big on Lue Elizondo. I’m a huge Dr Steven Greer fan. Most of the time, we can meet in the middle.

But both of the examples I have provided demonstrate why we’re maybe not ready for full-on ET contact and/or government Disclosure. Humans are embroiled in 3D conflict daily. It’s not even physical conflict. We literally just seem to have trouble coming to a consensus about a lot of things.

I can almost guarantee if I went on any given internet forum right now and said something simple like, “I like chocolate.” Somebody else will pipe up with, “How dare you! Vanilla ice cream is far superior!” Followed by, “Strawberry is the only way to go. You’re racist and your mom’s a… ” Umm. I didn’t say “ice cream.” Although that does sound good right now. Honestly, sometimes I like Cinnamon Fried Ice Cream. Chocolate or Vanilla. I’m not really picky.

So if an ET is looking in and sees us acting all crazy, can you really blame that being for wanting to use extreme caution around humans? Yes, our higher selves might connect and agree on just about everything. But down here? Oof. People make me cringe sometimes at the absolute depths they’re willing to go to hurt one another. We won’t even get into war, protests, or going to jail.

Lots more to come. Please spread peace, love and light wherever you may roam.

UFO/UAP Discussion Part 2.


First, a brief glossary:
Unidentified Flying Object (UFO): Pretty much what it sounds like. There’s a thing in the air and we don’t know what it is, exactly.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon: There’s something going on in the air, and we have no idea what it is. Could also include certain types of weather effects. Really it’s just a re-skinned name for UFO created by military and intelligence agencies to reduce the stigma.

Unidentified Submerged Object (USO): There’s something in the water and we don’t know what it is exactly.

AATIP- Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program: The United States Pentagon’s program to classify and identify UAP.

Transmedium vehicle: A vehicle capable of traversing water and air.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, let’s discuss a little.

In our modern global culture we have developed kind of a stigma around the term, “UFO.” First, it is most often associated with “them aliens.” Second, it usually indicates the person who saw said is of questionable mental health (to the public.) Last, if there is a prosaic explanation, which there almost always is, it’s swamp gas trapped in a weather balloon, a spot on the lens, or a bug flying by the camera. I’ve heard other hyperbole as mundane explanations, but the list goes long and pointless.

Let’s talk about the most basic assumption one can make. “It’s them aliens.” To which I almost always say, “Not necessarily.” Unidentified means we don’t know what it is. A lot of UAP are simply misidentified aircraft, drones, satellites or the planet Venus. Which is not to say it’s not some sort of extraterrestrial or interdimensional presence, but the likelihood decreases or increases depending on the location, time of day and some other phenomena present.

My best advice if you see something odd in the air at night is to watch it closely. Does it move in a straight line or change course. Most modern aircraft, even military aircraft, are incapable of high speed turns at sharp angles without injuring the pilot or wrecking the craft. Balloons float at a constant speed. Satellites move in a straight line or arc. Wildlife tends to stay aloft for shorter periods of time. Meteors and flares move in a fairly straight line and burn out. Aircraft and drones usually make noise. However, if you see a ball of light and it just hovers before moving away at high speeds? You might want to contact MUFON or some similar agency.

Another thing you can attempt, if you see an object in the sky, at your own risk, is to try to make contact either through mundane means or telepathically. You can try signalling it with a flashlight, laser pointer or the light on most phones. (Okay, DO NOT point the laser directly at the object. Just sayin…) Try signalling in 3, 6, 9, or rhythmically. Then wait to see if you get any sort of response.

Telepathically? Yes, I’m very serious. It’s been done be researchers and regular folk alike. First, calm your mind a little bit. Then, in your head, state peaceful intent to make contact. Last, ask the craft to glow more brightly or move in a pattern if it can hear you. I know it sounds a bit crazy to some, but it has been known to work.

Researcher Grant Cameron calls this, “The Wow Factor.” Basically, the ETs piloting these craft want to be seen so we know they’re still around. They want us to believe in them so they put on a little show.

There is a good chance it is an ET craft if you experience any or all of the following phenomena: Electronics suddenly going completely dead or having their battery drained. This happens around ET experiences, crop circles, and hauntings quite often. Or sometimes electronics will act strange or random- phones start dialing random people, computers display bizarre lines of code, TVs and radios suddenly tune to random stations, possibly static. Also, if you experience what is called missing time, there is a good chance the unidentified object was otherworldly. I’ll discuss this more in depth in the next post in this series.

You can also sometimes tell if the craft was otherworldly by talking to neighbors or others who saw the same thing. You can check for aircraft and satellite activity on the internet. Sometimes other aircraft suddenly showing up out of the blue can indicate that maybe whatever it is has another explanation outside of the mundane.

In another article, we’ll dive deep into the subject of whether the ETs are here for benevolent reasons or more sinister purposes. It truly varies enough to warrant a discussion unto itself. Are the UAP’s themselves a threat? Most often they are not. It’s just something in the air and we don’t know what it is. Sometimes we get answers and sometimes we don’t.

It’s not just some crazy conspiracy theory to see something in the sky and not know what one is looking at. Nor is it something to run and be afraid of. My opinion and advice are that we should approach these unknown visitors, regardless of what they may be, with curiosity and kindness.

Keep looking up. Stay safe. Have a lovely weekend.

UFO/UAP Discussion

This is my own (intentionally bad) fake UFO photo

The above photo took me about 15 minutes to make in 3D Paint. It was done to look intentionally fake and should not be mistaken for the real thing- ever. But I wanted to get the ball rolling. If I really put some time and effort into it, could I have created something that looked like a real UFO? Yeah. Shockingly, It’s not as hard to do as one might imagine.

I will say those of us who have been following the UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) or UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) field for enough years are able to spot a fake, even if it’s not real. There are plenty of them out there. Many use 3D CGI effects and rendering to look ultra realistic. If someone wanted to, they could even put the photo or video against an night backdrop to make it even harder to distinguish. Now, there are plenty of Hollywood professional and amateur photo analysts who can still pick out a fake.

Many may be asking, “But Jeff, why would I fake a UFO picture?” There are a few main reasons for doing this. Let’s outline some below:

Some folks do it for the attention. “Hokey Smokes! I’m on the Nightly News!”

Some do it to make the legitimate UFOlogists look stupid, “Ha ha… You guys are all suckers! UFOs aren’t real.”

Others still do it, crazy though it might sound, to further increase the believability in the phenomenon. It’s kind of the boy who cried wolf in the hopes a real wolf, coyote or fox would show up.

Still others might do it to intentionally fuel the debunkers. This is similar to the ones who want to make Ufologists look stupid, only they’re working for someone who has an agenda- government or corporate.

It might be done to take attention away from a legitimate phenomenon. I work for Corporation X. We’re testing a brand new experimental high-speed drone. I want everyone looking in the sky over a particular region. I leak fake photos to the local and possibly even the Associated Press to get everyone to go look at the skies over Phoenix, AZ while we fly the real drone over Grumm Lake, NV. Now even the skeptics are scratching their heads as to which ones are real.

To royally mess with the UFO/UAP community on social media. This is sort of a new one, but sadly, I’ve been seeing it more all the time. It gets all of the “Crankypants Twitfologists” as George Knapp famously called them, freaking out on #UFOTwitter over said photos, fake or real, for days on end. We keep hearing, “There’s big news coming!” in Ufology, and then… yeah. Sometimes disappointment. Then we all groan and go back to waiting in vain for the ETs to land on the White House Lawn.

Conversely, some might do it to try to increase their credibility within the exact same crowd on #UFOTwitter. I know of a few individuals who have been known to do this. >cringe!< Then we urge everyone to use their discernment. Tis sad, but it happens.

There are a lot of other, (some legitimately kooky,) reasons for faking a UFO sighting, but I covered most of them. “But what if I just wanted an A+ in my special effects class?” Well, great. I hope that works for ya.

Photo by willbot studios on

In Part 2, we’re going to discuss the word, “Unidentified,” and what it means to this discussion because it’s super important. Too often we hear UFO or UAP and some of us automatically jump to, “It must be ‘them aliens!'” When that is actually the furthest thing from the truth.

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