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Why Extraterrestrial Disclosure is not going to happen YET

Out of curiosity, has ANYTHING interesting happened in the UFO community since 2000 and would anybody happen to have credible, non-CGI footage of it? Why do we have to rehash the same tired cheesy stories that usually start around the late 1940’s or early 50’s and proceed to bore the audience half to death? And then drone on and on up until the 1990’s when still nothing new really came out.  It’s no small wonder the mass media and much of the general public takes ufology or the disclosure movement seriously.

All of the high-tech crap at our disposal in this day and age and nobody goes looking for these things? Somebody can’t hop in a fishing boat and spend a week or two trolling for USO’s, armed with sonar, depth finders, GPS, 3D imaging, unmanned submersibles, airborne drones, cameras, range finders, and the bloody internet??? Nobody??? C’mon. All it takes is some credible evidence to get to the public before the government or one of their flunkies can squash it.

All of the wondrous achievements in science and nobody has managed to use ground penetrating radar, seismic analysis, GPS images, Google Earth, and the bloody internet to say… Find hidden tunnels or buried “alien” bases. Somebody can’t just go spelunking with a drone down a giant sinkhole or hidden cave opening? Somebody can’t just go spelunking with a partner and a Go Pro? Seriously?

As a side note, I usually say EBE’s, extradimensional or extraterrestrial beings/entities instead of aliens. One, I don’t want to confuse anyone for illegal immigrants. And two, I’m sure to space-based non-human cultures, we look like aliens. I’m also careful about the use of the term UFO, because an unidentified flying object is literally just that. It’s not always an E.T.

You would think with all the cameras, people, drones, and computers along with the freakin Internet out of 7.8+ Billion people on this rock, somebody could have gotten good footage of a real Gray in somebody’s back yard.

Instead, we are left perpetually speculating, stewing in our own collective UFO hunter juices, and ruminating in speculation from days of yore. And practically every extraterrestrial or UFO talk starts with “back in 1955…” and is nearly obliged to mention Roswell, Area 51 and a bunch of other tired-ass black and white newsreel footage. The history lesson of the UFO community should really be about how the public is constantly being swindled out of millions of dollars every year watching UFO documentaries, going to conventions and interviews where we get nowhere because the people crying the loudest for disclosure only want to sell it! That’s assuming the illuminati, government, or private sector goons haven’t already put two in the back of someone’s head or arranged a convenient accident for collecting the info in the first place!

It’s not that nothing new happens. It’s that we’re not hearing about it. Yes, it’s difficult for those of us to wear the tinfoil hats to be taken seriously. I’m not playing the victim role. I’m speaking strictly as a reporter and a sociologist. If there is no solid evidence, nothing new or relevant, and there are no credible witnesses- you don’t have a story. No story, no disclosure.

(Originally Posted in 2017.)

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I think the government is out to prove…

What a bunch of clueless saps the government and others think the public at large is. Maybe we are? I did see a lot of people walking around with their noses in their phones. But I’d like to think that by and large the UFO community and the rest of the Tinfoil Hat Society would know better.

I hope someone finally explains what happened to ALL of the hundreds? thousands? of people that would theoretically be involved with secret space programs and again the hundreds (or more) remote viewing agents needed to keep it quiet for all these years. Seriously? All these other potential witnesses- pilots, ground crews, engineers, air traffic controllers, communications people, command and control, guards, general support staff, remote viewers, and on and on… And NONE of them have come forward to the public after entire decades of black budget programs??? Even risking a bullet to the head, were talking about a lot of people and not one loudmouth willing to risk it? I hope this movie explains that. Please tell me that Corey Goode, whom I often refer to mockingly as Super Space Jesus, isn’t the only legit living witness to go on record to claim having seen all these phenomena.

Otherwise, it might make Ufologists look like scam artists seeking cheesy footage of blurry dots in the sky one highly edited frame after another. There ARE real truth-seekers out there, every night, with their eyes to the skies. There are legitimate journalists out there pouring over government documents and interviewing anyone they can find about UFO phenomena. There are (tinfoil hat wearing) fanatics on YouTube speaking out truth and reporting what they see and we love them for it.

We don’t have to rely on Corey Goode and David Wilcock to sell us the highly edited whittled down to nearly nothing, sanitized for our own supposed good “truth.” Which I’m sure, will in the end, be the same exact pile of bullsh*t that we hear every day in the UFO community with a few different witness and expert testimony about Roswell and the Lockheed Skunk Works, etc. Same tired story with a new paint job. Here’s a spoiler- “We can’t disclose the ‘good stuff’ for your own safety. Wouldn’t want to start a panic…” But buy our movie, books, and watch us clown you on YouTube, because we need lies of money for tiny grains of UFO knowledge.

I keep going back to the notion that if anyone has real, credible UFO information, video, whatever- skip the “experts” like Wilcock, Greer, etc, skip NASA for damn sure, skip MUFON and SETI (fronts for the government, possibly the Cabal,) skip the government (duh…) and get that story straight to YouTube, Facebook, email everyone in your contacts regardless, and any other outlet you can legitimately think of. Tweet the public. Put it out on Instagram. Send it to other YouTube outlets. But please just get the stuff out to the public no matter what and let the people decide for themselves what to believe.

I’m absolutely appalled at the “experts” and their teeny tiny tidbits of disclosure. It’s a profit engine for them. Start speaking the truth about UFOs and black budget, secret space ops! We’re never going to get disclosure out of the UFO clown parade until enough of us (medicated heavily or otherwise) speak up on behalf of giving the honest truth (poo yourself silly with fear and hide in the basement or whatever afterward,) and get some hardcore UFO disclosure going. Once we have momentum for disclosure, the world becomes a better, probably stranger place.

Originally Posted in 2017.

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