I’ve got a list of projects for this blog forming for 2023. I know what my metrics on WordPress are telling me get the most views, but I’m not here strictly to cater to views or popularity. This blog is also sort of my personal journal, an outlet for RPG content, and sometimes my talks about real ETs/Ufology.

*I never said the Des Moines Remote Viewing Society was completely fictitious, only that it’s based on some real life experiences. It’s called “creative license.” Every good piece of fiction has to be based on some reality, right?

A fairly robust agenda for Role Playing Game projects.

A list of things I’m planning on for 2023:

  • An as-yet unnamed Space Mecha RPG with a basic system.
  • Continuation of Des Moines Remote Viewing Society Fiction
  • Continuation of Monster of the Week game planning based on DsM RVS.
  • Possibly an SCP crossover story with DsM RVS.
  • More Dungeon Crawl Classics dungeon content, monsters, magic items.
  • More Random d12 Tables.
  • Development of monthly writing prompts.
  • #Dungeon23. (At this point it’s therapeutic.)
  • A mini campaign and random mission generator for GI Joe RPG.
  • A mini campaign and mission generator for Transformers RPG.
  • Bringing back Power Rangers RPG Super Lightning Force.
  • Possible new ICONS campaign setting aside from my regular world.
  • Possibly a published D&D adventure on DriveThruRPG.
  • Possibly a published DCC Dungeon Crawl.
  • Bring back/continue my Operation White Box campaign.
  • Game reviews of SCP RPG, Spirit of 77, Transformers RPG, more.
  • More Dungeon/Game Master advice and encouragement.
  • Complete and add lore to the Ogrenomicon. Publish it to the site.

I’ll probably be adding more as the year goes on. I’ll still be writing about some of the things happening with D&D and in the TTRPG industry in general. I’ve also got a few series of articles to continue. And true to form, I’m sure several things will crop up along the way.

Thank you for being here, as always. I appreciate you. Happy New Year 2023.