Frightening February Day 14: Love.

Three plot ideas for any Horror TTRPG or even for use in a short story. Part of #FrighteningFebruary Happy Hallentine’s Day

I almost wrote something cuddly and loveable instead.

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Content Warning: Stalking, Disappearances, Ghosts, Occult, Spiders. 

Plot Idea 1: As part of a Valentine’s Day surprise, a man named Trevor gives his girlfriend, Susie, a giant teddy bear with a big red heart to snuggle when he’s not around. His girlfriend Susie instantly becomes enamored with the bear. The couple continues their celebration knowing Trevor has to work the next night.

The next night, Trevor goes to work at his graveyard shift in the meatpacking plant and Susie snuggles up to the big, warm, soft bear in his place. Sometime in the middle of the night Susie rolled over and left the bear at her back. The next morning, Mr Bear was sitting on the edge of the bed as if it were watching Susie sleep. Susie dismissed it as Trevor playing a joke, but he wasn’t home yet.

The next night Mr Bear was left out on the sofa accidentally. That morning Susie awoke to the bear standing on the floor next to the bed, watching her sleep. Trevor wasn’t home yet. When she called to see if he was playing a prank, the phone went straight to voicemail.

When he got home he explained that he had overtime again. Susie told Trevor the bear seemed to be moving around on its own, but he absolutely refused to believe her. But, Susie’s fear of someone inside the apartment seemed real enough for Trevor to set up cameras in the living room and bedroom.

At midnight the bear was still in the living room, but moved to a chair from the sofa. The video fuzzed for a few moment at 12:03 and came back into focus, with the bear moved. At 3:03AM, both cameras went out. When they came back in, the bear was standing next to the bed, staring directly up at the camera. At 3:23AM it appeared in bed next to her. At 3:33AM, Susie woke up screaming with the bear on top of her.

Susie flung the bear across the room under the camera. For a brief moment it rolled and stood up. Then, almost as if it suddenly remembered the camera, it sat in the corner and stared at the bed.

That’s when Susie called the Investigators. The group will find Mr Bear to be elusive, almost indestructible, and having the ability to escape from any locked container. The company that made the bear doesn’t show up in any directory and the candy store that sold it to Trevor has no memory or record of having sold the bear. If anyone tries to remove Mr Bear from the apartment, it will reappear within 24 hours, probably around bedtime.

Once the group is involved other phenomena begin to happen. Susie’s other stuffed animals and pictures of Trevor suddenly appear in the trash. All of the kitchen knives are jammed up in the disposal. Coffee for two appears on the kitchen table. The bear crawls under the sheets at night.

The whole situation is compounded one morning when Susie receives an eerie knock at the door. It’s Trevor’s other girlfriend. She came to ask why Susie wasn’t at the funeral. Apparently Trevor died the day before Valentine’s Day in a horrible accident at the plant. People had been trying to reach Susie for a week.

Is Susie losing her mind from the shock of her boyfriend cheating on her? Or the idea that he’s been deceased the whole time? Is Susie messing with everyone?

(*Tempted to write this as a short story. Just sayin.)

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Plot Idea 2: Love is a many splintered thing. A young witch named Lori has become quite enamored with a young man named Chad. Lori is totally into Chad but worried he might like other girls. So she began to follow him around spying on him whenever she got a chance. She also talked to a lot of his male friends while doing “research.”

She wanted to spend more and more time with Chad. She obsessed day and night over the pictures she took of him, mostly from afar. At first she cast a little spell here and there. Good fortune for her. Good fortune for him. It was mostly harmless in the beginning.

One day she cast a minor curse on his boss after she witnessed Chad getting some sort of reprimand. It seemed harmless enough, but Chad’s boss was found dead from mysterious circumstances two days later. Chad never suspected Lori had anything to do with it.

Chad knows one of the Investigators or someone who can put him in touch with them. He has become increasingly paranoid around Lori. His female friends and even a couple of his male friends have been hit with what seem like Biblical plagues- boils, lesions, rashes, snake attacks, spiders, and so on. He begs the group to take a look into his life before anyone else gets hurt.

Lori’s real name is Susan Alexandra Barnes. She grew up in a mental institution after her parents died in a freak accident when she was 11. Susan was institutionalized after a brief stay in a foster home because she exhibited several key indicators of being a sociopath. Fearing for their lives, her foster parents had her committed and promptly left town with no forwarding address.

Susan is a prodigy witch, however. All of her curses are very vulgar magic. She has attracted the attention of a very powerful local coven. The coven is giving the group a chance to deal with Susan before they have to intervene directly. They might even throw some benevolent magic at the party if things get too dangerous.

One thing becomes dreadfully clear. Susan aka Lori must be stopped before things get even further out of hand.

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Plot Idea 3: Suzie With a Z or Sue Z is a social media prodigy. She lives for the love and adoration of her thousands of followers. Unfortunately Suzie has two problems- She is obsessed with gaining more followers, love and admiration. Second, she’s a spider demon in human form.

Suzie’s tendrils begin to infest the internet more each day. Her primary account on Instagram gained a million followers overnight. The endorsement deals flooded in. Suzie became more addicted to the money and the power every day.

Suzie is headquartered not far from the Investigators own base of operations. If the group has a police contact, they will alert the Investigators to an unusual number of disappearances in the area. Many of them being sales reps or people pitching products for Sue Z to endorse. Many of the bodies are turning up exsanguinated and covered in a fine pink silk.

To make matters worse, Sue Z has had one of her demonic compatriots come up with an addictive subliminal signal to mask her arachnid features and make her more popular each day. One of the group would be able to spot this if they don’t go on any social media. The more fans she gains, the harder it is for Suzie to maintain her physical appearance without taking more humans for sustenance.

It’s up to the group to stop Sue Z before she becomes the most popular icon on the Internet. If her fans knew they were idolizing a giant bug, it might decrease her follower count significantly, but alert certain large agencies or a specific Foundation that the veil of secrecy surrounding the supernatural was about to be broken publicly.

Author: Jeff Craigmile

I'm a tabletop role-playing game writer and designer from Des Moines, Iowa. I'm the father of four boys and human to three cats.

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