Back to Work Part X

Imagine what the world would be like if we all did things we actually *want* to do?

No, not Part 10. I mean Part-I-have-no-bloody-idea-what-number-we’re-on. Lol! It’s true, though. This is my last night off for four nights. I have to say, I’m not entirely sure where the week has gone. It seems like time is speeding up, Like, wasn’t last week July? Oh well, moving on…

I’ve gotten more done tonight than I have all week, sadly enough. This is my third blog post and I still have some fiction writing and things on my agenda. Or I should say, my Intentions list. Yes, still using The Six Habits.

Still applying Laura’s teachings.

“Leaning into the suck,” is like doing a stage dive into 2020’s waiting arms. Every night off from work is a blessing. Every paycheck a fortune. Every disaster is another chance to learn and practice what we’ve learned. Pretty sure without the self development work from this book, I’d have gone straight-up bonkers by now.

Really, this post didn’t start out to promote The Six Habits, but it’s a great tangent to go on. And, much to my wife’s chagrin, I don’t get paid to promote the book, but I do it anyway. Or do I? Really, if you think about it, the things I’ve learned from Laura have paid for themselves about twenty times over.

Complaining doesn’t get the job done. I have to go to work tomorrow night with every intention of staying present with it and getting the job done. Now, I still hate the place. I hate the company I work for more every time I walk in. But I love my family more than I hate the company. Heck, I love myself more than all the above. (Not trying to sound narcissistic or arrogant, just honest.)

Self love/acceptance of oneself, is the bottom line when it comes to getting anything else done. Had I only known that about 30 years ago… But if I come of sounding self-centered or egoic, it’s because I’m learning to love myself and not get down on me the way that I used to. I would rather step in front of a falling meteor than go back to being that bitter, self-loathing, angry, victimized human being. That guy was full of excuses and doubts. I want to be the opposite! I’m looking at positivity, love, optimism, fun, passion and JOY! For cryin out loud, I’ve done the other thing enough. I was due for a change.

“I’m disgruntled.” 😜

One of the possibly best things coming out of 2020, if I have to guess, is unemployment. (Yeah, uh, flashback trigger warning for those who need it. Sorry.) But in all seriousness, I’m sorta looking forward to it if it does happen. Bet I’ll be writing at least one blog post per day if it does? That’s part of my plan. I intend to wear this poor keyboard out if that happens.

Recent studies, and I’m not going to dig up names and dates, suggest somewhere between 50 and 80% of American workers are dissatisfied with their jobs. Think about that. It’s like millions of people saying, “I hate this job, but I love my family.” Imagine what the world would be like if we all did things we actually *want* to do?

I’m planning to sort some of this issue out in another post, because it’s a long rant. I’m not sure if every lightworker and starseed out there should run out and quit their jobs tomorrow and I would certainly not recommend it just yet. Personally, I’m in the middle, as previously stated. I love my family. I need to feed my family. But, this freakin matrix that we’re caught in, this 3D paradigm of work-and-be-miserable, has got to go! And soon. We deserve the best!

My main point is that there is more to life than the work-sleep-eat-recreation cycle suggests. I might sound a lot like David Icke when I say that, but it’s true. I want that for myself. I want that for everyone, truly. On the bright side, if you love what you do, great! Keep doing it! We should all be so blessed.

Well, maybe I get a chance to post sooner. Maybe I won’t. It depends on how mentally and energetically motivated I am tomorrow. Otherwise, see you in about four days.

Author: Jeff Craigmile

I'm a tabletop role-playing game writer and designer from Des Moines, Iowa. I'm the father of four boys and human to three cats.

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