Two New Exciting Calls for Submissions Announced.

RPG Superstar and Everyday Heroes are putting out calls for submissions. Sounds promising if I can get around my anxiety and do the things.

I’m pretty excited about both.

So, originally this article was going to be about how Wizards of the Coast put out a survey in some vague effort to engage the fanbase. The two announcements today made by independent publishers are just way better news. One of these projects has been around a while now, RPG Superstar. The other is a new project from a relatively new company. Woot!

RPG Superstar has big prizes!

RPG Superstar used to be a Paizo venture. Paizo is the company best known for Pathfinder RPG. Roll for Combat’s Stephen Glicker took over in 2019. It’s no surprise the submissions are being submitted for Pathfinder 2E.

The intro video on YouTube is here.

The website for RPG Superstar is here.

Publishing credits (*Which is AWESOME!) aside, this contest promises cash prizes and could possibly lead to bigger things in the TTRPG industry. Writers of the winning entries (allegedly) have gone onto other gigs in the game industry. Judging is a bit of a popularity contest with pro and popular votes. This is my first time and I’m hearing people have won this thing multiple years in a row?

Okay, officially I’m terrified now. Maybe I won’t do this one. I don’t need that kind of rejection. I dunno. I was psyched for this until I listened to the podcast on YouTube video above. Yikes. We’ll see.

I should probably mention a contestant can enter up to three creatures. According to the podcast, multiple past contestants have won with more than one entry. Does that seem a bit suspicious to anyone else or is it just me?

Deadline for submissions is May 28. Then lots of judging all the way up to September 2023. If your monster isn’t used, you at least get the rights back so you can use them on your own project. I guess that’s kinda cool.

I will say submitting a monster is great. There’s dropdown menus and a really nice template to fill in over on the RPG Superstar Website. Honestly, I wish that was a program I had access to year round beyond 3 entries. (Or I haven’t found it yet. Don’t judge me.)

I’ll be dropping a couple of Pathfinder 2E monsters here on the blog to get used to writing for that system again. It’s not my first dance, but I might be a bit rusty with Pathfinder. It’s been a good minute.

Evil Genius Games Reboots Urban Arcana for Everyday Heroes.

This one is a change of pace. The link is here. Evil Genius Games first rocketed onto the scene last year with Everyday Heroes RPG, a reboot of the D20 Modern game. Hey, I was just excited for some of the titles launched under Everyday Heroes including Highlander and Pacific Rim.

Urban Arcana was a premier setting for D20 Modern RPG, released under the 3.0/3.5 OGL by Wizards of the Coast. Big names in gaming, many of whom are still around in the industry, chimed in on the original. Evil Genius is looking for someone to, “…create the backdrop for our Urban Arcana setting – a magical world set in modern times, complete with the origin of magic and the fate of elder races such as elves, dwarves, and halflings,” according to the blog.

The call for submission starts at a 200 word pitch. If that is accepted, it goes up to 1,000 words to expand on the original pitch. If selected, the writer then gets to build a 50,000 word history of the setting in Everyday Heroes RPG. (For those who don’t know; NaNoWriMo is a 50,000 word submission.)

Wow. An entire world treatise is huge. Nothing has been said about payment, etc for the chosen entry. Hey, I’ll be happy to get to submit a 1,000 word entry. If they don’t want it, there’s always my own work, I guess. If the elevator pitch wasn’t good enough, it’s not like they’re going to give a rip what I do with it afterward.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be huddled up under my desk.

I really want to do both of these entries. My own personal and social anxieties might prevent it. I honestly can’t handle criticism or even any real feedback at this point. It’s a bizarre phobia for a writer to have in some ways. I get it.

Yeah, cash would go a LONG way right now, even $25.00. I don’t plan on leaving the house unless I absolutely have-to. But, for actual cash money I might start considering some things… Just don’t make me, ya know, “people” and we’ll be fine. Oddly, telling this to total strangers on the Internet doesn’t phase me one bit.

I have a preview of a Kickstarter coming in the next day or two. I’m excited to talk about Sylvaera Academy. It should be a lot of fun from I’ve seen so far.

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate you even if I sound like a basket case sometimes. You could be the next big RPG Superstar, though.

Author: Jeff Craigmile

I'm a tabletop role-playing game writer and designer from Des Moines, Iowa. I'm the father of four boys and human to three cats.

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