Monstober Day 29: Wing.

The Turkey Demon: A jet black fire-breathing turkey with six tentacles and it can fly, too.

The Turkey Demon: A jet black fire-breathing turkey with six tentacles and it can fly, too.

Turkey Demon (Type 3): Init +2; Atk tentacle +9 melee (1d4) and beak +10 melee (1d8); AC 16; HD 6d8; MV walk 20’ or fly 40’; Act 7d20; SP Infravision, darkness (+12 check) grasp 1d4, Breathe Fire SV Fort +5, Ref +2, Will +5; AL C.

Immune to weapons of less than +2 enchantment or natural attacks from creatures of 5 HD or less; half-damage from fire, acid, cold, electricity, gas.

Tentacle attack: For each tentacle that strikes the same character, the demon receives 1d4 on an opposed Strength check to hold the character down. For example, if 6 tentacles hit a character in a single round, the character takes 6 points of damage, and the demon rolls 6d4 on a Strength check against the character. If the demon wins the Strength check, the character is grappled and cannot attack unless he spends the next round struggling and succeeds on an opposed Strength check. The demon may not use its breath weapon while a character is grappled.

Breath Weapon: The Turkey Demon breathes a cone of shadowy fire, width 1d4x10’, length 1d6 x 10’ 6d8 damage, Ref save for half. Characters hit with the breath weapon continue to burn with corrupt flame for 1d6 damage per turn for 1d3 turns.

Author: Jeff Craigmile

I'm a tabletop role-playing game writer and designer from Des Moines, Iowa. I'm the father of four boys and human to three cats.

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